7 thoughts on “Ex IRS agent tells it like it is

  1. We’re dealing with a notice of levy and she’s totally correct. It does NOT apply to anyone but who is mentioned in section A of which they leave out. Total FRAUD they are running on us!!

    Sherry Jackson, thanks for speaking up.

  2. What I don’t get is this: if that is what the law states, then why does everyone go on paying income taxes? Most employers take taxes right off the top before you even get a paycheck, but if every self-employed person suddenly refused to pay income tax, would they jail millions of people? There have been a few who have refused to pay income tax and they end up incarcerated.

    1. I think it’s the same as the uprising. It starts to happen on an individual basis, some of the first refusers end up in jail. When more and more refuse, there won’t be enough jail space.

      So much is on the individual today.


    2. Not everyone is still paying “income” taxes. “Employers” are under the same delusional fear of threat from the IRS and their CPA/bookkeepers make a lucrative living making sure the tax issues are on base. “Employers” withhold money from workers because the workers sign the W-4 when they are hired or else they don’t get the job, thus the withholdings begin. It’s a force majure situation. Do it or you don’t work. Try explaining to a manager of a company that to ask someone to sign a W-4 is actually punishable by “law” and watch them look at you like your a freaking kook who doesn’t want to pay their fair share to ensure the fed. govt. can run. That tax return filed by April is one’s personal audit as to whether or not they were actually paid taxable “income” or “wages.” But because they are total frauds they fight tooth and nail. Self “employed” people are under the same delusion but not all of them. I believe it was Schiff that died in prison because he did not actually turn in a tax return even though the company he worked for was taking out withholdings. You sign the W-4 it then becomes assumed that you are being payed taxable “income” until the tax return is sent in rebutting the assumption so that your overpayment is returned back to you.
      It’s all a freakin sh*t show.

      1. By the way, “employer” and “income” as well as many other terms they use have specific statutorily defined definitions. They DON’T mean what you and I think they mean.

        This issue is just like ALL the other issues that we are up against.

        Like galen stated, it comes down to each individual knowing the truth and defending it in their own personal lives.

        As a whole people we’ve got a nasty stench to rid this country of.

  3. Well than fck
    I want it all back
    And I want it right now !
    You filthy traitors

    I been paying in since I was 14
    I’m 56 now and have only been layed off once for two weeks

    I could retire AND pay my house off

    Oh … yeah .. that’s why they don’t want you to know this or stand against it
    Because less people would be controlled by Debt

    Can’t have that

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