Ex-Jew Milton Kapner [Brother Nathanael] exposes Zionism

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Brother Nathanael

My Name Is Brother Nathanael Kapner.
I Am A “Street Evangelist.”

I Grew Up As A Jew.
I Am Now An Orthodox Christian.

I Wish To Warn How Zionists
Are Destroying Christianity Throughout The World


Brother Nathanael Kapner speaking on the subjects of Zionist control, the ruthlessness of Israel and what we, as Americans can do today to stop the Zionist agenda and take our nation back. * Obama and his plans for public service * Palestine and the biochemical weapons being used on them by Israel * Rahm Emanuel and more..

11 thoughts on “Ex-Jew Milton Kapner [Brother Nathanael] exposes Zionism

  1. I’ve actually been to this guy’s website a few times. I discovered it through a link from Texe Marrs site Power of Prophecy. He’s another one of the few out there willing to tell the whole truth about Zionist ‘Jews’.

    So few are.

        1. Yes he does #1. It is hard to get use to a guy like that but he knows both sides ya know and that is important I think. Yea, hard to get used to him but I kinda like him.

          1. Nathanael calls Rense a Zionist Jew as well. Check out his site. http://www.realjewnews.com and click on the Alex Jones links. Is that true? Because I had high hopes for Jeff Rense as a good guy. It would be kinda sad if that is. Can’t trust anyone these days.

          2. @ NC oh yea NC that is where I first found out about Brother Nathanael. I watched a couple of videos that Brother Nathaneal did on Rense.com . I know he still has them on rense. as I seen some last week.–P.S. Yea NC Brother Nathaneal has a ad just above the featured videos and also a interview if you scroll down about half way in the center colum and it is about one or two articles above the morgellins article on Rense. I just went there to make sure NC. Funny why he would say that about Rense.

          3. I’m curious. What do you guys think of Putin? Good? Bad? Really a Zionist Jew or Orthodox Christian? A double agent? Corrupt? NWO supporter or hater? Playing both sides? A puppet? I never know about that guy. Nathanael seems to think he is a good guy compared to the Zionists but that doesn’t mean much. I kinda want to like him but sometimes I think of the lesser of two evils with him. What do you guys have to say about him?

          4. I think he, like China, is part of the NWO, both have Central Banks, so are beholden to the elite, since they owe them.
            But I also believe that he, as well as China, is willing to flip the script on them, if it appears to be feasible.
            I only like him insofar as the fact that Russia, as well as China, are the only two reasons our insane ‘govt.’ hasn’t attacked Syria & Iran yet.

            Other than that, the only two things I like about Russia are Kaspersky and AK-47’s.

          5. yep #1 Kaspersky and the russian front for the all the world leaders – they all got to chill out ya know and get real. They all act like a bunch of juvenile little kids playin video games, – they all make me sick.

  2. Good find, David. Interesting to know. Never heard of this guy until now. I will look into him further and check out his site.

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