26 thoughts on “Execution at Capitol

  1. Execution is exactly the correct term. As I said before, this absolutely does not look like capitol police as has been stated.

      1. Go to the setting and slow down the video, this guy fires two rounds, i can’t tell where the first round went, but he steps out and fires the second round hitting the woman.

  2. Amazing how this death/murder is almost erased from the mainstream media. Hardly a word. Appears they don’t want any sympathy given to her. Can you imagine if this was a woman from the other side of the communist camp? Her face would be on the news for days right along side her killer. I think we are seeing/hearing the most twisted doublespeak in history. I personally have not witnessed it this blatant before. It’s like they’re doing a 180 on just about every story. All who go against the narrative are immediately erased. I say, coup d’etat.


  3. They opened the gates let them in, and the inevitable happened, another murder to an unarmed civilian.

    Plastic bullets is all they needed. This is going to explode into chaos anytime now. The Commie security was shooting fish in a barrel.

    Of course somebody was going to get killed. Thats part of the plan, obviously..

    In the name of protecting the president!!

    1. shooter was wearing a mask not a hood or a beanie, i was wrong there.

      But yeah she was up high, standing on a piece of trim..

  4. What blows me away is why didn’t the individual video taping the perpetrator warn anybody?!
    Just recording away. Nothing else.
    In a situation as such, I’d have done what I could! fk the phone!
    Having a hard time comprehending it!

    1. My thoughts exactly! It appears the photographer knew when to start rolling the camera. All planned out this murder was.

    2. Another thing that struck me as odd was after she was shot she was picked up/moved and no attempt to apply pressure over the wound

      1. The bullet hit her in the neck. She was dead before she hit the floor. There was nothing anyone could have done to save her. A cowardly act.

        1. I understand that. Initially she placed her hand over her neck ( I forget which vid I saw that). She died right there on that floor. One can see the agonal breathing and the neuro posturing, both signs of imminent death.

          1. It’s the way she dropped, Mary. When you shoot a deer and break its neck, as I was describing on the broadcast today, it won’t be breathing when you walk up to it and its legs will be folded underneath it and it will be absolutely brain dead. I’ve held the beating heart out of a deer, five minutes after we had loaded it and were cruising down the road.
            It is the way she went down, nobody could have saved her because her brain was dead. It’s like when somebody gets their head chopped off with a guillotine.
            I don’t believe if she would have fell on a hospital bed in an emergency room with a trauma team that she could have been saved.
            I watched two different videos. I must not have seen the one you saw. The only thing I saw move in the videos I watched was her leg twitched when they straightened her out and about three or four times her arms moved when other people were moving her.
            A deer will do the same thing when you stretch it out to dress it. I’ve seen a lot of critters go down. When they drop like she did, the brain stem has been hit.
            I would never second guess you. I don’t have the education to do so. In which video did she reach for her neck? I kind of want to see it.
            Though she was a communist, she was gunned down by a low down dirty coward, and I hope she didn’t feel a thing, but perhaps she did.

  5. Also,
    The young cop, who began positioning his rifle (waaaay late) seemed to be signaling someone, and then lowering the weapon. WTF!

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