6 thoughts on “Expert Asks Questions about Florida Shooting

  1. Looks like they were following a script….. 30+ calls to his house and not put on a list and now everyone is pushing the mental health gun grab angle…….. Problem, Reaction, Solution!

    1. They probably won’t open it
      You know , just like the doors of the school they cowardly hid behind and wouldn’t enter

      I thought I had zero respect for pigs until I read that ,I don’t know how you get any lower than snail slime

  2. Black op and another false flag. Zero doubt that there are those who would willingly commit mass murder for a political objective. BTW, have we so soon forgot about Operation Fast and Furious? SSDD

  3. Cruz was supposed to get an inheritence of $800 thousand when he turned 21. Maybe those who knew were on the side of the law that is no longer the law….and waited too long….now oops.

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