Experts Gather In Rome To Fight ‘Barbaric’ Use Of Aborted Babies In Vaccines

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WEB Notes: Parents, this topic continues to pick up steam and credibility. Are you aware of this and if so are you going to allow your friendly family Doc to give you and your children the ol jab without any questions?…

I know… It just might be too much work and there are TV shows to watch and apps to download, I know, I know, life is tough.

For everyone else, continue to do your research and take that research to your doctor, because chances are, he will not know either.

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Should parents have the right to exercise conscientious objection in order to prevent their children from being inoculated with vaccines produced from aborted fetal cell lines? And what does science tell us about these vaccines?

Scientists, ecclesiastics, activists and parents will gather at a Rome conference on March 13 to explore the history, science and politics surrounding the use of aborted fetuses in vaccines given to children around the world.

The association organizing the event is called Renovatio 21. The conference will take place at 3:30pm at the Casa Bonus Pastor in Rome and will be themed: “Faith, Science and Conscience: using aborted fetuses for pharmaceutical production.”

Source: Experts gather in Rome to fight ‘barbaric’ use of aborted babies in vaccines | News | LifeSite

World Events and the Bible

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