2 thoughts on “EXPLAINED: Why Texas will Secede from Union

  1. I agree with this, Texas is viewing the US as a whole as rather a millstone and I think it will be the tester of the resolve of the US government as a whole to force states to stay within the union.

    I suspect too that Hawaii will end up as America’s Northern Ireland or Chechnya as more and more native descendants are getting angry at the overhand state apparatus which rules from a US point of view top down rather than paying attention to racial and cultural differences that separates Hawaii from the rest.

    But what of the old soft states like Vermont, New Hampshire who have had robust secession movements for the longest time, will Texas seceding spur these too onto debate and declaration?

    And of course as mentioned on the film, when an empire goes into death throes, it does tend to turn on itself like a wounded animal, perhaps this is the reason for buying trillions of bullets and the guns to fire them…

  2. Keep in mind Texas has FEDERAL military bases such as Fort Bliss, McLaughlan AFB, a naval base near Corpus. etc., so do not assume the Feds will just willingly give these bases up. And do not assume the Feds will not in fact sell vast parts of secessionist states to China first. For instance, Obama selling Big Bend National Park to China to help pay off the nation’s debt to them…or maybe just the Rothschilds…They will find a way but we have to stop this from happening. Use your imagination…

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