Explosion levels Baltimore homes; 1 dead, 1 trapped


BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore firefighters say an explosion leveled several homes in the city on Monday, killing one person and critically injuring others.

The Baltimore Firefighters IAFF Local 734 said on Twitter that one person has been pronounced dead on the scene. The union also said that three people were in critical condition after being rescued by firefighters.

The union tweeted that special rescue operation units were searching for other people.

Photos tweeted by the union show what appears to be a collapsed building and debris strewn about.



One thought on “Explosion levels Baltimore homes; 1 dead, 1 trapped

  1. My Fellow Trenchers,

    It was that bag of fertilizer they had in their shed,… nothing to see here,… move along,… move along….

    JD – Is it me, or does an explosion of this size seem suspicious to you too?…..

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