Exponential Growth – The Shut Down Argument – This Is Their Bullet

When you watch the idiot box, the idiots you are watching are telling us that they know what’s best for the good of all, they think that we are too incapable of grasping or taking care of ourselves, as they continue to release whatever it is they have designed to herd us like sheep to the slaughter. 

When you watch the talking heads, they’re direction always goes to the billionaire in the group. And that goes something like this, “Well Bill Gates, why does the entire country need to be shut down?”

And this is the response, “The virus is acting exponentially by an increase of 33% a day, and if we don’t shut down, like China did, we will be overwhelmed exponentially”. And then he goes on to wave his hands in the air like he knows what he’s talking about.

This is their bullet, they want us to believe that if the country doesn’t shut down, we are doomed.

Now, you all can believe what you want, but my question is how do you know this? Do you know something we don’t? Like maybe this whole goddamned thing was planned, even at the expense of killing yourselves in the process?

Friends, we are being played like a antique violin, stroked ever so gently in all the right places to play the beautiful music.

I tell Bill Gates this, you son of a bitches screwed the pooch, now it’s our turn. The Bill of Rights has NEVER been more important than it is now.

You don’t tell us, we tell you…..

13 thoughts on “Exponential Growth – The Shut Down Argument – This Is Their Bullet

    1. One question I have for Pill Gates: May I see your credentials?
      We are in a simulation…….. 🙂

      1. If you put the pieces together it all makes sense, I’m mean they knew goddamned well the people coming here were sick as hell.

        I mean, why havent they closed the fkg borders?

        Globalization? This is being used to kill us man, globalization is nothing more than a fkg nasty ass weapon.

  1. Great article, Mark.
    Kind of cliché, but I guess if he can’t dazzle us with brilliance he has no other choice than to do his best to baffle us with bullshit.
    And when was this Bill Gates elected to any kind of office?
    This is a private foundation. This is one of the kings of de-population. Probably the one who chiseled 500 million on the Georgia Guidestones. This is the problem.

    1. Far as I’m concerned. The only thing that fker is chiseling (besides the people’s wealth) is a target of his own fking forehead!

  2. Thank you, Mark. That is the most infuriating vid. So many loopholes in Bill Gates’ story. So much that is illogical. And made up figures. How the hell could he know about a 33% growth rate? How precise!! They throw figures around so casually and exquisitely act with authority. This is pure programing as they bide their time to get their control grid in place. And of course Bill gets in his plug for vaccines. The whole thing is like, “LET THE RICHEST MAN SPEAK ‘CAUSE NOBODY ELSE KNOWS WHAT THE HELL THEY’RE TALKIN’ ABOUT – WELL, NEITHER DOES HE!! How sick, that there is no VOICE-OF-REASON on any of our airways. Thank God for The Trenches. You’re right Mark, “now it’s our turn” to take the reins. Strength be with us. Slash the lie!!


    1. (Laughing)
      Hell Yeah!
      Thank you, Katie!
      For the beautiful scenario that you have etched into my mind!
      I could watch that over and over 🙂

    2. I’m with you sister…after he started talking bubbles I had to leave
      I envision you bitch slapping him up one side and down the other
      just wait until he becomes president it will be BG 24/7

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