6 thoughts on “Extract broken bolts from deep hole new easy way

    1. That’s funny
      Everyone I know has one.
      Besides, it don’t have to be a mig.
      DIYers use there noggin. 🙂

        1. No, he’s a dumb ass.
          “Penetrating oil does not work”?
          This guy thinks WD40 is penetrating oil, I can tell you right now.
          Skinny long bolts like that that I know are going to have rust in them. I’d spray it real good with liquid wrench, three days in a row, letting the penetrating oil PENETRATE! Three days and they will screw out of there just like they screwed in.
          This guy would build a moon rocket just to go to the store.
          If I did encounter a bolt broke off like that, I would fill it up with penetrating oil and let it sit over night. I’d drill it and probably I could just hit it backwards with the drill and it would come out, if not I’d put an easy out in the hole and screw it right out.
          Must be one of those rip off shade tree mechanics that work by the hour. Stupid.

          1. It works good, and fast.
            I’ve done it many times.
            That’s why I sent it in. I’ve never pissed with a screwdriver, only nut or bolt.
            Steel bolt in aluminum can be tricky.
            Penetrating oil doesn’t always work, especially if it needs doing now.
            I’ve worked on rusty broken down sh!t most my life.
            It only takes a few minutes for this dude to show, but of course some folk want to be stars.
            Just trying to be helpful. There’s a sh!t storm on the perimeter. 🙂

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