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  1. I knew from the very beginning that this was an evil tool. Vindication is bittersweet. I’ve never even had an account with face hook. Am I safe? Protected? Lol! NO! I’m as vulnerable as any one. Im online. Thats enough. Considering becoming a neo luddite…..

  2. It’s pretty telling if you look at a timeline as far as what the amerikan people would have tolerated even just 40 years ago regarding censorship. Small increments and slowly raising the temperature for the perfect climate for totalitarianism to thrive. Jedem das Seine is the fitting German expression. You get what you wanted/deserve.

    But that is NOT what we have ever accepted and NEVER will, because we know the enemy and we also know their game. Most don’t even realize it because of the distractions the enemy has rigged the field with.

  3. Well…

    Let’s look at the brightside.

    It really could be worse.

    They could shut down your online banking account and steal your money.

    With 3 mouse clicks.

    For Facebook posts that are deemed offensive.

    I heard a podcast the other day…

    That Facebook subcontracts philipinos at $2.50 an hr.

    To moderate comments.

    5000 a day is a quota I hear.

    But most are single moms and….

    Drum roll pullezz…

    Christian….fanatics. ..

    But that doesn’t mean I don’t have empathy for their psychological trauma.

    Sorting through the filth and bottom feeding examples of humanity.

    I guess what I’m really trying to say is…

    Fk Facebook.

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