Facebook’s New “Deepface” Program Is Just As Creepy As It Sounds

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People very often do not understand how important their privacy is in todays world. Many time we have been conditioned to accept the invasion of our privacy. Now the internet adds a new dimension to the invasion of our privacy, every thing we do, every site we visit, is recorded. Now Facebook adds a new dimension to the invasion of our privacy.

Today social media giant Facebook has taken another big step to gathering data about users with its new “Deep Face” program. Promising to recognize faces in photos uploaded with 97 percent accuracy, the new program could be a boon for marketers who want to make sure their ads find the right people.   

So you may never down load any of your personal pictures onto Facebook, so how can this affect me?

Well, your family and friends may put a picture on Facebook with you in the photo, like a family reunion, class picture… That is all it will take. Mouse over group pictures on Facebook and you will see just how this works.

Even though you never put a picture of yourself on Facebook, you may still be identified because someone else placed your photo on their timeline.

Does Privacy matter any more, or are we entering a new age, where privacy will be insignificant? As the old saying goes, “if your not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about” ?


One thought on “Facebook’s New “Deepface” Program Is Just As Creepy As It Sounds

  1. More of “Josey Wales” trying to convince us we’re always being watched, and they know our every thought.

    RT news is under Zionist control too.

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