Factory robot malfunctions and skewers Chinese worker with TEN massive steel spikes in horrific accident

Daily Mail

A factory worker was skewered with ten huge steel spikes after a rogue robot malfunctioned and impaled the man.

The incident occurred in China and the man managed to survive after the robot’s arm fell onto him and plunged the spikes into his chest and arm.   

Surgeons managed to removed the spikes from the 49-year-old known as Zhou, through emergency surgery. One of the robot’s pins was just 0.1 centimetres (0.04 inches) from a major artery.

Each of the sharp steel bars measured 30 centimetres (one foot) in length and 1.5 centimetres (0.59 inches) in diameter, according to a Chinese hospital which treated the factory worker.

The man is in stable condition, according to the Xiangya Hospital in Changsha.

The victim works for a porcelain factory in Zhuzhou in southern China’s Hunan Province.

It is said that the accident took place last Tuesday when Mr Zhou was working a night shift.

It was then that the restless robotic arm suddenly collapsed from a machine and fell onto Mr Zhou.

The spikes, which were part of the robotic arm, speared through the worker’s body.

Four of them were stuck in his right arm, one in his right shoulder, one in his chest and four in his right forearm, reported People’s Daily Online.

The seriously wounded man was first taken to a local hospital by his colleagues before being transferred to the Xiangya Hospital in the provincial capital.

Dr Wu Panfeng, the lead surgeon for the patient, said because the spikes were long and made of metal, the patient could not be given an X-ray scan.

Dr Wu said the man was in critical condition as the spike in his chest could damage the nerves and the main blood vessel on the right side of his body, causing a haemorrhage.

The doctor added that because the patient could not lie down, he had to lean on more than 10 doctors and nurses while having his wounds sterilised.

An emergency operation was carried out the next day by experts from various departments, including ER, cardiothoracic surgery and hand microsurgery.

During the operation, surgeons discovered that the spike on the patient’s right shoulder was just 0.1 centimetres (0.04 inches) from the main nervous system in the thoracic outlet, the area between one’s collarbone and first rib.


6 thoughts on “Factory robot malfunctions and skewers Chinese worker with TEN massive steel spikes in horrific accident

  1. Automation is dangerous as hell, it will take your job, then try and kill you. This is just the tip of the iceberg kids.

    Click on the link and check out the pics, grusome…

  2. [Cell Phone]

    Ring ring…

    Hello Lieu’s Chinese restaurant. .. how may I take order.

    Yes…. I’d like #10 automatic robot spiked special. ..wok chicken meal.

    Anything else…

    Yeah.. pork fried rice…egg foo yong…

    And one of your robots for my x wife.

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