Fairy Tales Are Dangerous

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In a real world in which you and I must live
fairy tales are dangerous
dangerous because they are untrue
anything which is untrue is dangerous
and it is all the more dangerous when the fairy tale is accepted as reality
simply because it has an official seal of approval
or because ‘honorable’ men announce you must believe it
or because powerful elements of the press tell you the fairy tale is true
Jim Garrison  

Garrison’s words from 1967 are just as true today as they were then. They were a warning that went unheeded by most and getting by with the JFK assassination coup, the same criminal cabal, emboldened in their success, went on to continuously deceive the world with ever more deadly fairy tales.

Did Garrison get everything right in his investigation of the JFK assassination? Probably not. Were some things like the possible Israel/Mossad connection left out, not because of him covering up some aspects but perhaps because he just didn’t have the information? Most likely. Was he at least on the right track? Definitely.

The below video is amazing in the fact that after NBC had done a hit piece on Garrison, he petitioned the FCC who agreed that the program was biased and granted Garrison a 30-minute rebuttal. That would never happen today.

While watching Garrison’s response I couldn’t help but mentally substitute elements of  9/11 for JFK in his narrative. The two events are similar in so many ways. Both were a massive psyop, false flag coverups with devastating aftermaths including millions of deaths for the profit of a few.

History is littered with dangerous fairy tales and collectively we still are yet to learn how to keep them from repeating.

The video was found at 50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective.


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  1. The best book by far on the Kennedy assassination is “Final Judgment” by Michael Collins Piper. It also names the real killers of RFK and MLK, not Sirhan and Ray. “Me and Lee” by J Vary Baker, Oswald’s mistress, is very interesting and sheds much light. “Hit List” by Belzer and “The Missing Witnesses” detail what happened to participants and witnesses.

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