Faith Dealers

I don’t have a problem with religion or the idea of religion. I have a problem with what liars, con artists, thieves and murderers do in the name of it. This is just a chip off the tip of the iceberg.



6 thoughts on “Faith Dealers

  1. Exactly. I grew up in churches…they are filled with evil scum. They prey upon their own who are less fortunate and either too ignorant or have such low self-esteem that they allow themselves to be exploited. Church is nothing more than the continuation of the highschool mentality. It’s a fashion show, a popularity contest, full of bullies, pushers and whores. Just like School.

    True Christians on the other hand , they do good deeds, are humble, they won’t demand handouts, and they most certainly do not associate with the evil that drips from churches.
    Fristians (fake Christians) are of the same ilk that demanded Joshua/yeshua/ jesus execution.

    1. we are all sinners no matter how good we are, we are to live IN the world but not be a part OF the world, and can only do that thru Jesus Christ, and for some of us even that is hard at times.

  2. Pretty much everybody, there a some exceptions, that shows up on the tv has connections or has sold out somewhere in character, especially telieliar “preachers.”

    Hey, truth tellers, good men, like our Henry don’t end up on the big screen.
    This says much, it’s the charlatans that make it on to the tv.

    Dang, was Christ even this popular when he was on earth?
    Was he as wealthy as these charlatans?

    Joyce “Meyer”, hmm. Never had considered her name till this post.
    For me, haven’t found a single one on that tv that I’d trust to actually teach me something from the scriptures.

    1. I am a true believer and would highly recommend this pastor to anyone who does not mind hard preaching and the truth. No one is perfect but all of us try to help spread the good news.

      billy.meredith at face book

  3. Faith dealers….

    Kind of like new car salesmen.

    It’s shiny and new…

    But when you go in for repairs on the new faith car.

    You’ll realize you just keep getting fkd in the wallet azz.

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