5 thoughts on “Fake News Is Enemy of the People

  1. do these talking head idiots, even know what democracy means?
    Thank God for alternative news, yes, I am grateful for the Trenches World Report. If I can tell just one open minded person a day to tune in to truth in reporter, it is worth it to go out into the dog muzzled, zombied twilight zone world.

    1. Do you know what democracy means? Because this country is a REPUBLIC with the emphasis on the rights of the individual. It is not a democracy, as under our absolute ratified law, no mob can trump the rights of the individual.
      The Bill of Rights is the only law ratified by elected representatives of the people. It protects the individual from the democracy mob.
      Democracy is shit and we were warned by our forefathers about democracy.
      “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.” – John Adams
      It is the personal jurisdiction of every American national and the common law, which is the ratified law of the Bill of Rights, that protects us as individuals from the mob.
      From the Trenches is a good place to learn who you are, what and where your absolute authority lies that you may prosecute your life in liberty and freedom. You have a lot to learn, but do stay on board if you care to know the truth.

      1. Thanks, Henry for your clarification on democracy vs a Republic country.
        I read your site daily, it has great truth!

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