Fake Police Officer Pulls Over Real Police Officers

Dressing up as police officers67 Not Out – by Mike Perry

There’s a lesson in this short coincidence story for those who like dressing up as police officers.

One gentleman in northern New Mexico had all the police gear: police lights on his vehicle, a real police weapon etc. “So,” he must have thought, “let’s put this equipment to good use.”   

Dressing up as police officer t-shirt

He was out and about, saw a speeding car and pulled it over. He told the vehicle occupants he was a member of the State Police Search and Rescue. All well and good but … whoops!

The two men in the vehicle really were law enforcement officers – in an unmarked car.

I guess the lesson is: if you want to pretend you are a police officer, just be careful who you pull over.

I first saw this story on Daily Progress. They asked a relevant question, which hasn’t been answered:

“We are left to wonder, however, about one curious detail. Were the state police agents actually speeding? If so, did they have a legitimate need?”

But come on, police officers driving too fast when they don’t need to – surely not!!

Police joke cartoon



6 thoughts on “Fake Police Officer Pulls Over Real Police Officers

  1. I think it a perfectly legitimate question and in such nations such as the UK, it could be argued that the “perp” was making a common law arrest or citizen arrest and no doubt a lot of legal wrangling too whether the person was actually committing a crime as it is technically against the law here to have the “blues and twos” blue lights and two tone sirens that is BUT you have to use them to commit the offence argh

    See the UK’s police officer is actually only operating under common law, his warrant card is basically protection from prosecution if the arrest is found to be incorrect or faultless e.g. the person is innocent and this is all part of the “consent” policing that we are supposed to have, if I wrongly citizen arrest someone I can be liable criminally and civilly which is where the warrant card comes in but the police are still acting under common law that every one has.

    What none of us consent to is the officer acting criminally themselves regardless of what ever nation, any police officer that has to cut corners, make things up, lie or plant evidence is worse than a normal criminal as I believe that in this modern world such agents of the land should be held to a higher moral compass and criminal action by these agents should be regarded with zero tolerance and extremely heavy punishment.

    1. See, over in the US I don’t get this “obey” thing, where does it say in your constitution you have to obey these people? I see these videos of police officers getting on one because people don’t call them sir, are they your superior? I’ll call a copper “officer” or “contstable” (with the emphasis on the “cont”) but I’ll be in a long hole in the ground before I call them sir…

      1. I don’t have a problem with calling LEO’s “sir”. I didn’t have a problem calling officers “sir” when I was in the Army. But, I also call the attendant at the gas station “sir”. I also call the guys who pick up our trash “sir”. The term “sir” has absolutely no meaning of superiority to me. I find more offense at having to address someone with no moral superiority to me by a title they merely spent a bunch of money or used undue influence to attain – like “Mr. President”.

    1. So do you want the red pill of reality or the blue pill of fantasy? Or was it the otherway around? (Looks for the instructions but then realizes my pet dragon burned them up)

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