4 thoughts on “Fall Cabal too – Part 19

    1. Yeah I heard that in there too

      My point was the kids
      This country has over 800,000 missing children a year

      Why are we not hearing about THAT crisis ?

      My daughter posted a page on her FB about the missing kids
      Yup FB took it down

      She knows of many others that did the same , with same outcome

      Why is FB hiding all these missing kids? Why would they not want us to know
      Why wouldn’t they support this movement?

      I think we all know why

      1. I just hate how something so urgent gets co-opted by the Orange Guy agenda. Sneaks. But I hear ya. And there are few issues more important than this one – our children hunted by vicious predators.

        Sorting, always so much sorting.


  1. One of those fires also happened 150 miles northeast of my neck of the woods in Midland, Texas, hub of fracking “boom” and shale “boom” (or bust, take your pick)….would not surprise me if lots of child trafficking in the Midland-Odessa area…and even closer to my neck of the woods.

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