False Flag Alert: U.S. intelligence Warns of Al Qaeda Train Attack

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Since the NSA scandal broke months ago the US government has been searching for excuses to justify their insane practices.

Despite the fact that the US government has never stopped a terrorist attack that they didn’t actually facilitate themselves, they have continued to insist that they have intercepted multiple terrorist plots.   

Now they are claiming to have intercepted a new plot involving Al Qaeda and the train system in Europe.

According to The Daily Mail

Germany’s Bild newspaper reported today how U.S. intelligence services bugged a conference call between leading operatives of the terror group behind the 9/11 outrages as they discussed bringing death and destruction to the European rail network.

The group was possibly targeting trains and tunnels, or planning to sabotage railway tracks themselves and the electric cabling serving them.

The newspaper said the planned terrorist attacks were a ‘central topic’ of a conference call intercepted by the NSA involving high-ranking Al-Qaeda operatives.

According to other media reports, Deutsche Bahn – German Rail – has already responded to the threat with plain clothed police officers at main stations and along major routes serviced by the high-speed ICE – Inter City Express – trains.

To make matters even more suspicious this transmission was apparently intercepted in Germany, where the NSA has come under criticism for international spying. The chances of this being an actual terrorist threat is very slim compared to the possibility of a propaganda hoax or a false flag event.


2 thoughts on “False Flag Alert: U.S. intelligence Warns of Al Qaeda Train Attack

  1. It’s tough enough now to keep American trains on the tracks let alone the Al CIAda attacking them. More DHS-TSA fearmongering for the sheep to chew on.

  2. I’m pretty sure this will justify some more $$$$ and more TSA perverts to grope passengers before getting on trains. I bet they’ll even need to grope those “booby bombs” that were in the news a few days ago. Pretty soon they’ll have everyone naked before they’re able to travel, and Ray Stevens song “The Streak” will be playing in every terminal. I’m sure he’ll be able to write an updated version of it to fit the occasion.

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