Falsely accused student of Boston attacks confirmed dead

Sunil TripathiBBC News

The body of a man found in a Rhode Island river is a student mistakenly identified as one of the Boston bombers, medical officials confirm.

Sunil ­Tripathi, 22, was identified by a forensic dental exam, but his cause of death has not been determined.

Members of a university rowing team found the body on Tuesday evening, a month after Tripathi went missing.  

He has been described as the other victim of the bombings after he was wrongly identified a suspect.

On Thursday, the Tripathi family said in a statement they felt “indescribable grief”, but were grateful for the outpouring of support.

Mr Tripathi, a Brown University student on leave, was last seen in his apartment in Providence on 16 March. His family had been searching for him with help from the FBI and Brown students.

Brown University’s rowing coach called police after spotting the body floating in the Providence River.

On Monday social media website Reddit issued a public apology for its coverage of the Boston bombings after it wrongly named Tripathi and other people as suspects.

His sister, Sangeeta, told the BBC of her family’s anxiety at how fast “completely unsubstantiated claims were spreading”.

She described how media surrounded their family home after her brother was wrongly named.


2 thoughts on “Falsely accused student of Boston attacks confirmed dead

  1. “He has been described as the other victim of the bombings after he was wrongly identified a suspect.”

    Apparently he’s no longer a possible bombing victim either.

    Unless the ‘bomb’ blew him clear out to the water, that is.

  2. The question to ask now is; not if they will pass laws to prosecute online bloggers for false reports, but when will they pass such laws.

    As we all know the Government always reacts in the extreme for words such as logic and moderate are not in their vocabulary.

    That being said, there are those in cyberspace who are paid to disrupt discussions and sway opinions in order to lead people down the wrong path. Dallas Goldbug is one of those operatives and from what I’ve heard, it he who first featured the crisis actors theory. But when you look at his whacky pictorial claims one should see he is a paid operative and Jewish as well.

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