Family loses everything to growing Bootleg Fire in Southern Oregon

Jul 21, 2021
Charred remnants of family heirlooms and appliances littered the front lawn of Tim and Dee McCarley’s destroyed home. The McCarleys and Dee’s son, David Martin, climbed into two pickup trucks Tuesday evening and began cruising around their property near Bly, Ore.
One of the trucks was outfitted with a generator, water tank and a hose. Hunting for hot spots has become the family’s daily ritual. They come armed with their own equipment.
“This is what we do,” said Tim McCarley, as he sprayed down the steaming pile of dirt and embers.
“We’ve put out 30 or 40 already.”
The family doesn’t feel like they have a choice. The historically large Bootleg Fire swept through their property, forcing them to flee the fast-moving flames almost two weeks ago.

3 thoughts on “Family loses everything to growing Bootleg Fire in Southern Oregon

  1. Someone I know does geological analysis for USGS says we only know about wild fires we’re folks live close to, and not in the forgotten wilderness…
    (I just realized that it’s raining here)

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