Farmers devastated by coronavirus pandemic

Apr 10, 2020

President Trump said he wants to speed up help to the nation’s farmers. Dairy farmers in Pennsylvania are pouring milk down the drain because of a lack of demand from closed restaurants and schools. Manuel Bojorquez reports.

4 thoughts on “Farmers devastated by coronavirus pandemic

    1. There’s a lot to be learned from reading and looking at that article.
      I see most driving new cars, talking about their cell phone bills, and pandering from zio-churches, illegal invasion support groups, unions and politicians.

      1. Exactly Martist, and the people who used to rely on those food banks to survive are going to be the ones who will suffer from this. Well, they will suffer first. They are coming for all of us.

  1. I can’t speak for the produce side of things, but I have been in the dairy business for 15 years. It all pretty much all comes down to money, and possible lawsuits. There isn’t much you can do with the raw milk in the tanks, because if someone gets sick from it they will want to sue you. So it has to go to a dairy and be pasteurized, packaged, stored, loaded, and delivered, and they don’t want to pay all the people involved just to give it away. If it were me, I would love to just turn it into cheese or donate it all but I know they won’t do it without making some type of profit. Plus they have to pay all the people involved with production, shipping, and transportation, so I guess I get it, even though it really sucks. We lost a lot of our restaurant business due to this fraud of a virus. I used to do a ton of restaurant supply warehouses and they are getting practically nothing now. From what I’m hearing though, we picked up a ton of grocery store business and are making record profits, even with all the dumping going on. So in the end the farmers are getting screwed over, and the dairy is still making money. Its a dirty business for sure, especially for the farmers, always has been.

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