3 thoughts on “Father: my 14-year-old daughter was destroyed by court-ordered trans hormones

  1. he could either ‘affirm or get thrown in jail’
    ‘the mother was willing to cooperate, her father was distraught’ (ditch that biotch)
    ‘the court was gracious enough to say they could not police my thoughts’
    ‘she won’t be able to have children’ BINGO!
    question: who pays for all this?
    What age is considered ‘adult’ in Canada? I imagine it would be 18. So why not wait until the child becomes of age? (rhetorical question)

  2. This is what the feminization and pussification of males leads to.

    This man is not brave, he is emasculated.

    The options “they” gave him were accepted by him as the only options.

    Very sad and I only got 3/4 of the way through before I had to stop watching.

    1. Perhaps he’s decided he has to keep himself alive to be there for his daughter. I had similar thoughts to yours and then it occurred to me that he might better serve the situation by staying alive, at least for now.


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