8 thoughts on “Father Snaps. Teacher Tries to Put His Son In A Dress.

  1. I would have been probably doing serious time if this was my kid, this BS has gone too goddamned far.

    At what point do you finally burn the fkg school down?

  2. “He’s two.” As if this qualifies for justification for dressing the child in girls clothes!

    Another example of why you NEVER leave your child with people you don’t know, and I mean REALLY KNOW.

    1. Another reason to homeschool, it’s a nobrainer now, it’s hard if both parents work, but you have to do it if you dont want your son wearing a dress during class, I couldn’t believe it when i saw this video for the first time.

      Cant believe this crap.

  3. Keep thinking about the tittle man snaps , if he had snapped the bitch would been on the floor … fix tittle . Man beat woman teacher for dressing kids as transgender . Now I’m left wondering did she go home and think about how wrong it was and how luckily she was from not getting a beating are worst

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