2 FBI agents dead, others injured in Florida shooting while serving warrant: source

Fox News

Two FBI agents were killed Tuesday morning while trying to serve a search warrant at a home in Sunrise, Fla., in a child pornography case, an agent at the scene told Fox News.

One federal law enforcement source told the Miami Herald that at least five agents were shot and two were “gravely wounded” in the incident that occurred at around 6 a.m. in the Fort Lauderdale suburb. 

The Sunrise Police Department said that residents in neighborhoods along Nob Hill Road, between NW 44th Street and West Oakland Park Boulevard. were asked to remain in their homes, and were unable to leave their communities due to the traffic shutdown on Nob Hill Road.

Shortly before 10 a.m., the department sent out an alert to all residents that there was “no danger to the public,” but that there would still be “a large police presence in the area through the day.”

Multiple law enforcement agencies descended on the scene where the suspect was reportedly barricaded in their home. Officers from the Sunrise Police Department, Miramar SWAT team, Davies Police Department, and Fort Lauderdale Police Department were all on site.

A spokesperson for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department told Fox News they were sending a “small SWAT contingency” to assist with the ongoing situation.


6 thoughts on “2 FBI agents dead, others injured in Florida shooting while serving warrant: source

  1. They plan on taking all day to flush one pervert?
    What if they have the wrong address, again? That will be another day of Keystone Copping.

  2. Beginning to suspect that the ‘child porn suspicions’ will be used on almost anyone ‘they’ deem a threat, as your neighbors will have no trouble at all believing it;

    ‘I always KNEW there was something odd about that guy, and I was RIGHT!’

    Unless he was and the Feds just weren’t getting their cut….

    1. Bingo!
      These are the first thoughts that went through my mind, or perhaps a witness? Because we haven’t forgotten ol’ Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and who the FBI is here to protect and it isn’t children.

  3. Yeah, how easy to throw out the accusations of one heinous thing or another as a cover story when they really want to take someone out.

    Another thing, Most Child Porn participants are not of the type to have a big shoot out, unless they are high level participants, ie, Kidnappers, Producers thereof etc.

    All evil disgusting, death sentence shit in my mind. But i do believe we will see ton’s more of stories like this, and another thing, it is child’s play (excuse the pun) for these criminal alphabet agencies to place anything on your computer, cell phone or even mail shit to you.

    And as stated above, all your neighbors will go, oh man, we had no idea.

    No trust in any of their stories…

  4. Not enough information.
    I trust NO Fed! What were they really after?
    One thing for sure, at least two pos won’t be bothering anyone anymore.
    HYE YAH!

  5. The more blue and red flashing lights at the scene in broad daylight, the more likely it is total BS. The over-the-top number of flashing lights, whether day or night, are a PsyOp tool to make it look really “serious”. The colors and flashing rates are a brain entrainment tool. anyone can see blue and red with curvy lines in the background on all MSM and most alternative news sites. The transparent rotating Earth Globe is a dead giveaway that what you are watching is compromised and entraining your brain. Same thing with the scrollers at the bottom of the screen. Especially if they scroll at different speeds. Listen to the sound of this video without watching it. I believe embedded sounds are obviously present that will make people scared and anxious while being completely unaware of it. Just my opinion. It’s useful in all of these types of events.

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