FBI alerted about group of men asking about Bagnell Dam

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CAMDEN COUNTY, MO – Police are revealing more about a report of a group of men asking about the Bagnell Dam. Miller County Sheriff Bill Abbotttells Lake News that the Camden County Sheriff’s Office forwarded a security tip regarding the hydroelectric facility to the FBI.

Police tell KMIZ-TV that the incident happened about two weeks ago at the Golden Corral in Osage Beach. A deputy was eating lunch and the wait staff told him about the group of men. Staffers said the men were asking questions about the dam. They wanted to know if they could rent a boat and tour the dam.  

lake of the ozarks Bagnell DamThe Camden County Sheriff’s Office tells Lake News that they received a tip about a group of “Middle Eastern” men asking about Bagnell Dam. The police department forwarded that report to the FBI and a joint task force on terrorism.

The Miller County Sheriff’s office have have been in contact with the St. Louis security office for the dam. Patrols of the dam are continuing as normal.

“With recent things going on in our country and around the world, people are kind of a little bit more alerted. It’s everyone’s responsibility to watch out for each other. We all live in this community, and we’re going to notice things that seem out of place and if we don’t notify the proper authorities, who will?” Officer Corporal Scott Hines told KMIZ-TV.

Police say the report does not mean that there is any reason to be overly concerned. People should be aware and alert as they go about their business.

FBI alerted about group of men asking about Bagnell Dam

5 thoughts on “FBI alerted about group of men asking about Bagnell Dam

  1. If you are going to move to an area and will be on the grid its not a bad idea to call up the people who are operating the power station IN the dam to find out if they are able to “ISLAND” the generators. Theirs a good reason to know that, because if the power grids go down in a CME X Flair event or some other event that could take down the grids then you would want to be fed power from a plant that can do that.

    “ISLAND the power plant” is the term Its good to call and ask if they can do that.

  2. Missouri

    whats been stolen or purchased in large quantities by M.E. men in Missouri?

    Burner phones, Propane tanks
    and “explosives found in the woods”

    now “suspects” looking at a dam..

    again look up “Hell Cannon” and see what they can do with those Propane tanks .. and what it could do to a dam like this

    these types need to be watched so closely that when they wipe their a$$es they are cleaning your retina at the same time

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