FBI Building In DC Empty, Doors Boarded Over

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The pandemic has been an amazing cover for all sorts of weird things happening in Washington D.C. and it makes sense that is why they keep dragging it out. They do not want people to know that D.C. is abandoned.

In a new video, that was released by Richard Citizen Journalist that theory that I and many others have been mulling over may actually be true.

Richard does such an amazing job of covering things occurring that the mainstream media used to do until it became an arm of leftist propaganda.

He actually reports what he is seeing on the streets and allows his viewers to use their critical thinking skills to put it together instead of being spoonfed the party line.

And he’s back at it again with a brand new video showing Washington, D.C. completely empty and the FBI Building empty and boarded up.

What is going on?

Ok, and yes, the video is current since he says in the first few seconds it is June 14.

Watch for yourself here on Rumble:

Daily Headlines

5 thoughts on “FBI Building In DC Empty, Doors Boarded Over

  1. D.C. should be abandoned and the land given back to the states it was taken from. Those who occupied it should be relocated two-hundred miles out to sea.

      1. There is a rumor circulating that the penguins there adopted our Bill of Rights and said: “Don’t even try it!”

        1. Be careful, Sunfire. Those penguins are an elite, tricky bunch. Just look at the way they dress. They all wear tuxedos and the only thing missing is their top hats. They also all walk proudly like they got a stick up their ass. Lol.

          1. As long as they are not flying a flag with the Star of David on it, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. LOL

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