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  1. I’ve been seeing this guy’s name a lot in the last week. Apparently he was one who did a pizzagate story on an ABC affiliate and wound up being fired. I also notice that the first 20 articles I saw on the issue called it: The pizza conspiracy / debunked pizzagate story / unfounded claims about a child sex ring associeted with a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C. I didn’t realize the whole thing, including all the creepy innuendo-laced emails had been determined to be false, or by whom it was so determined. Seems there was some outrageous Fake News story that bumped it off the headlines, and it got dropped. How strange….
    This guy went to B.U. In Utah, so is likely at the least a “Jack Morman”.
    I’d be interested if anyone else has had more time to look into this character’s character before we start to just accept his utterances as valid without checking to see if he is a shill.

    1. I don’t believe he is a shill, conclusion made after watching his many vids. covering many topics.

      “Swann was homeschooled and earned a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from Brigham Young University in 1993, at the age of 15, and a master’s degree in History from California State University, Dominguez Hills in 1994, at the age of 16.

      Home schooled is pretty solid credentials although NO guarantee of anything.

    2. I used to post some of his videos a few years back, Darzak, but lost interest after a while.

      He mostly exposes truths that would maybe shock many of the sheeple, but much of it we are already familiar with. I don’t think he’s a shill per se, but something more of a lukewarm truther… not the hard-core, unadulterated stuff we’re used to.

  2. He was a local news anchor here in Atlanta (channel 46) CBS. But was fired once he resumed his Reality Check show. Good reporter and digs deep.

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