FBI Plans to Charge Bundy Ranch Protesters with Weapons Violations

Published on May 10, 2014 by Mark Dice

FBI Looking to Charge Bundy Ranch Protesters with Weapons Violations. They’re reviewing the footage of the standoff trying to identify people and are looking to file assault with a deadly weapon charges.

20 thoughts on “FBI Plans to Charge Bundy Ranch Protesters with Weapons Violations

  1. I guess it is okay for feds to point guns at citizens, but oh, not the converse! There are rumors the sheriff is not going to pursue complaints filed by citizens against the feds. This just ups the ante further…

    1. I’ve been Locked & Loaded for the last ten years. I’ve been waiting, and waiting and waiting and waiting and…………….does anyone see a pattern here? (and I think it’s on purpose)!

  2. the sheriff of this Nev…county of the Bundy ranch,deserves to be thrown out of office for violation of oath and incompetence….the Gov of the state…should be called on the carpet for not defending his own Nevada citizens….and……..What Will Happen????not a damn thing, likely….And so tis, the state of most of our United States today……although, in the shadows, are the rest of us………Massive in numbers…waiting!!!!! With Arms….Determined and Loaded.

  3. I don’t think the Feds are going to do squat, because if they really had something, they wouldn’t be talking jack about it, they would be bustin doors and heads, they don’t give you time to “flank” them (figuratively speaking)

    1. Agreed also – although, they could file within a year – I don’t see the climate for that getting any better by waiting. It would also seem they would have to concede names of the individual claimants – I’ve never heard of an anonamous claim off of a video, but I don’t know everything. Plus, it opens the door to a cross for complete explaination of “official duties”, etc.

  4. this so called crash……….well, times are not good, won’t be for ……who knows how long! Crash, though!!!!NO…and that’s not the way to hope somehow a turn can be had in Wash DC./….What’s the way? Not sure..but waiting for a crash is sure to wait too long….

  5. BAHAHAAHA!!! Typical. Yea, let’s see them enforce it.

    Besides, what weapons violations? So it’s a violation to protect yourself from a foreign government pointing guns at you in your own country? What part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” do they not understand?

    Also, if the protestors were violating weapons, then the Feds were sure as hell doing the same, along with the BLM. Enough with the one way shit.

  6. They keep pushing and pushing and pushing. Something will eventually blow. Nasty ain’t the word. Millions are waiting…

    1. Millions are waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting, and waiting and waiting and waiting and……………..

  7. Wear a mask next time, stop exposing yourselves and stop revealing your real names to the media!. ski masks are dirt cheap on ebay.

  8. What the militias did is the act of being free men. The act of this criminal government was an act of tyranny. When they were met by free men who mean business and were prepared to dole out deadly coercive force they backed off like wolves who realized they were our classed and out matched. What we are hearing now is yelping and hollering of those wolves from far away hills in futile defiance. The barking dogs turned out to be not so big and tough, and are more akin to deranged Pit Yorkies.

    What happens next? They want to push their luck to the breaking point let them. Its high time we cleaned the filth out of this country though.

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