FCC Warns Amateur Radio Operators To Not Commit Crimes

Jan 17, 2021
In a bizzare warning issued by the FCC and followed by a warning from the Association for Amateur Radio, The ARRL, ham are warned on a Sunday morning to not commit crimes with their equipment. What is this about?

3 thoughts on “FCC Warns Amateur Radio Operators To Not Commit Crimes

  1. This is clearly a left-wing threat and lets us know career left-wingers remain and respect their authority! Trump supporters DO NOT seek ways to commit crimes and that is plain to see after a Trump rally passes without turning over a trash can, or burning down the local 7-11, or burning up a Police car, or looting the local Walmart, or bashing a Trump supporter with a bike lock, or shooting Republican congressmen at baseball practice. That is what the loony left does and accuses the right of doing.

    1. What, are you a right-winger? Are you still a victim of retardation?
      There is no left wing, no right wing, no conservatives, no liberals, no republicans, no democrats. There is just the absolute law of we the people, ratified December 15, 1791, or in this case there is not, as we as a people are failing to enforce that law, which is not only our right, but our duty.
      And assholes who don’t even know who they are, what they are, liberty or freedom, make it all possible through their retarded f-king meaningless political parties.
      You see, those political parties are corporate collectives, which are repugnant to and a violation of that very absolute supreme law that belongs not to any government, and especially not to any insurgent United States Corporation, but rather to the individual free sovereign national, distinct and apart from the 14th Amendment subject citizen.
      Now, which did you say you were.

  2. so now that you’ve been warned and “told not to”.. when a “illegal transmission” is intercepted.. they can just shut down the whole thing. oh and definitely round up detain arrest anyone they choose thanks to ndaa sec 1021-22.. I know a few HAM radio guys and they’re one of 2 things.. patriot anti govt apocalyptic doom n gloomers or they think they’re “gonna help out” during an emergency.. help the govt fix things.. Cause I’m a Patriot! usa usa usa! this is just another CYA smokescreen.. like giving immunity to the immunizers and saying don’t be alarmed if people die after the shot. it’s really a sick grotesque macabre game they play.

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