FDA Shuts down LDS Canneries

The Wise Prepper – by Joshua Patterson

Are Prepper food supplies and church food programs now under attack?

It would seem that the Federal Government has started to shut down LDS Food Canneries.

Preparedness Pro Reports on their Facebook page that has how happened.  

While there have been rumors for several months that this would happen, it’s now official!

ALL LDS Canneries east of the Mississippi will no longer be canning any food. The FDA, in their infinite, expert opinions–said with the greatest of sarcasm–has managed to FINALLY create such a set of conditions which are impossible for the LDS Church to comply with. (Given the financial standing of the LDS Church it’s clear that this isn’t a monetary issue and since they have been seriously committed to helping others be self-sufficient at great sacrifice to themselves for decades, it’s clearly not a lack of commitment.)

I’m sure the FDA is mighty proud of themselves for FINALLY coming up with sufficient conspiring to get this done. They are clearly intent on stopping from ANY purchasing in bulk within two years in the LDS Canneries. At this point the LDS Canneries in SLC will need to pre-package foods and then send them East. So that means that more and more LDS members are going to need to volunteer to keep up with the workload.

Prepare while you can, folks, cause you never know when “They” will change your plans.

Read more: http://thewiseprepper.com/fda-shuts-down-lds-canneries/#ixzz2Sn4vg06G

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