FDR’s 1933 Gold Confiscation was a Bailout of the Federal Reserve Bank

Moonlight Mint – by David Carr

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 1933 executive order outlawing the private ownership of gold in the United States was arguably unconstitutional. But why did he do it ?  Many historians and economists point to efforts to get the economy moving again as the reason, the theory being that people were hoarding gold and the velocity of money in circulation needed to be sped up.

But the real reason for the gold confiscation was a bailout of the privately-controlled Federal Reserve Bank. And the evidence has been printed right in front of our faces.  


During the 1800s, paper money was suspect in the eyes of many. Nobody would ever choose a government-issue $20 note over a $20 gold coin. Gradually during the late 1800s and early 1900s, confidence in government paper money increased to the point where it was widely accepted. People accepted the money because they felt confident they could exchange it at the US Treasury or any Federal Reserve Bank for gold at any time – it even said so on the notes. Without the gold exchange clauses printed directly on the notes, the public would have been much less likely to accept them. Silver Certificates and United States Notes circulated alongside Gold Certificates, which were legally interchangeable dollar-for-dollar.

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3 thoughts on “FDR’s 1933 Gold Confiscation was a Bailout of the Federal Reserve Bank

  1. Last show there was a question as to why it was “ordered”. Same shit different day …. I don’t think anyone would fall for this again……..??

    1. “..don’t think”?

      lol…’paper’ gold? Crypto? Apple Pay? ‘Swipe your phone? Alllllllllll ‘training’ for being ‘chipped’, as it will be “soooo easy now”.

      NEVER….underestimate the stupidity of Amerikans. They’ll never fail to surprise you by setting a new and lower example.

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