Fear and the Artificial Landscapes of Terror.

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In the book, “Dune”, a member of the Bene Gesserit said something like, “Fear is the mind killer”, if I remember correctly. I believe that to be true. Fear at a certain level is paralyzing. There’s are two results to states of great fear. One is that you become incapable of action and the other is that you panic. In this day and age, Fear is becoming more and more prominent and more and more pervasive. There’s the usual fears of losing one’s job, one’s place to live and running out of food and water. Increasingly, there is fear of the police. When things like this can happen and justice is publicly pissed on, there is reason for fear. Of course, this isn’t happening to everyone and never does. That’s an area worthy of examination. “Karma, neh?” As America tumbles down into ruins, in a horrifying slo-mo collapse, we increasingly enter into the age of “Road Warrior” and apocalyptic circumstance. Order is vacating the stage and the institutions and individuals that were erected or elected for the protection of the populace have become utterly corrupt.  

The man who got shot here, was equally as responsible for his death as the man who shot him. Sometimes it pays to use good sense in this climate of madness. People are angry all over the place. People are on the short fuse. They’ve all turned into the guy from Network. The sense of selfish privilege, as demonstrated by this recently deceased, is everywhere too.

Meanwhile, the brutalization of the human psyche and the terrible wrongness of those acts the unknowing are compelled to engage inare taking a heavy toll. Alongside of this, the level of perversity taking place is in continuous descent, on it’s way to a measureless bottom; accent on bottom. Here we see what appears to be Janet Napolitano on a trip across the waters.

So… there are very real things to be frightened of, if you are disposed toward Fear. The major cause of Fear in residence is personal uncertainty. The less connected one is to the real and the actual, the more Fear one has and the more reason one has for Fear. What is the real and actual? It’s not what everyone thinks it is and who by thinking so have all contributed to the condition of Fear that saturates existence.

Things are getting out of hand and, as has been stated, this can be either comical, terrifying or both. This incident here is an example of similar pathologies that are sweeping through the culture. People are losing it.

Into this mix steps the cosmos in the form of Mr. Apocalypse. In this instance, the cosmos demonstrates what it thinks of our present crop of ‘too clueless to be embarrassed’ celebrities. You are going to see more and more and more of this kind of thing and this should help you deal with your Fear.

Speaking of humorous events, how about Aerial Sharon lying in state when he’s already been lying in state for 8 years? Here we see the usual crowd of international war criminals, showing up to bid a bon voyage to a departing war criminal, already long departed, on his way to the nether lands. Peres should be along to join him shortly. I’m visualizing them as matching arm rests on Satan’s judgment chair. Apparently some members of Crime Syndicate Nation were not all that pleased with the life and times of this porcine serial killer. I try to imagine where one has to get their head in order to participate in farces like this. You really have to be quite some distance down the downward path to appear at functions like this with a straight face. The cosmos is offended and we are in direct action times so… look for more eyepeeling inexplicables.

Let me try to explain why Fear is a much bigger player these days, with a much more expanded role around the world. One reason is that the infrastructures upon which people depended for a sense of stability, are either crashing to the ground, or being exposed as so riddled with corruption that it is a wonder they are still standing. It’s like watching a Stage 4 cancer patient jogging down the highway. It makes no kind of sense but there it is. He’s not going to be jogging far and there are any number of lights and mirrors at work on this particular special effect. Another reason is the extreme depersonalization that is taking place.

For me, Fear comes about depending on what you rely on for your sense of reality. If what you rely on is not real, Fear is a natural extension of your life. It is the ‘normal’ thing to do to identify what is outside of you as being what is real. You rely on it. It speaks to you and you accept what it says. This is why the Tribe psychopaths took over the airwaves to the near exclusion of everyone else. It allows them to control what you think and feel and it allows them to monitor the level of your Fear. The reason that ‘they’ chose Oklahoma City for their first major domestic terror act was because it was in The Heartland. That is most significant. It sets the Fear as a possibility anywhere, not just in the East Coast and West Coast Bacchanalia Factories. It could happen anywhere!

Fear is very important to the ruling junta; that strange and poisonous amalgam of Satanists, Zionists, corporatists and all the running dog lackeys that assist in their agendas for a meal ticket, or some semblance of personal power. Fear narrows the borders of the mind. It constricts one’s freedom of thought. It puts you in the camps and behind the wire before you are actually there.

Political Correctness is many times more dangerous than people generally believe it to be. This is a good example of that. Political Correctness provided the environment for monsters like Pol Pot. Thereare other monsters at work in present time. The moment I saw her face and the shape of her mouth I knew what she was. Are you ready for it? Yes, Jarrett is a Tribe member. They say she is Iranian. She’s not Iranian, only born there.

Fear rise up out of personal uncertainty. You have to be grounded and rooted in something in order to make Fear go away. At the same time, a certain kind of Fear can be a wonderful ally. I am afraid of certain things and I want to keep it that way. I will leave it to the reader to speculate on what manner of Fear I am talking about.

When one correctly knows who one is, one is possessed of the firm conviction that nothing external to them has a power greater than what they internally possess or… have a connection or access to. In some cases we are walking regents with invisible crowns. In other cases we are stewards. Sometimes we are heralds and messengers from the true and enduring hierarchy. According to your makeup and disposition, you are accorded a position in the scheme of things and no longer mere ciphers or collateral damage.

You are either under the sway and influence of the world or you are under the sway and influence of something else. That’s how it is. People under the sway of the world are acquisitive, covetous, duplicitous (often without being aware of it), argumentative, prone to violence, vain; the list is large and long. Those under the sway of the world external are in a hypnotic state and any effort to bring them out from under that spell can be fraught with peril. It’s always better to leave time bombs and depth charges in your wake. It is also a matter of survival to take a penetrating look at both your companions and your surroundings.

Fear is a lever for precipitous action. Fear is a motivator of irrational acts and behavior. Fear affects judgment in a negative fashion. Fear is one of the primary weapons in the hands of an oppressive minority. Fear confuses, inhibits and retards in all kinds of ways. Fear is not a good companion.

Now, some people will read all of this and wonder, “Yeah, but how do I get rid of my Fear?” First you have to realize that Fear is not an independent quality. It’s connected to other things. It’s as specific as it is general and dependent on you. Are you a materialist? You fear the loss of possessions or any material condition. Fear is almost always connected to something else and that is what one needs to consider. People just don’t look deep enough into themselves. We are surrounded by the superficial and trivial and we are trivialized ourselves in the process. There is far more to any of us than we think there is but… we don’t want to think. Too much thinking can lead to a questioning of one’s actions and values. It can cause change and change is often not desirable. Everyone has to sort this out for themselves and it’s not like there aren’t places to start should you be so inclined. It’s not like there aren’t rich resources of wisdom and knowledge to draw from. You get out of life what you put into it and however your value structure gets constructed as a result, that is a strong clue as to your destination. It’s an indication of where you are headed. A lot of people have good reason to be fearful. Some number of them are unaware of this but… not for much longer.

Finally, you can hang out with someone who is not vulnerable to the usual fears and by the process of osmosis, neither will you be… as you go. There are places you can go and people you can see who have mastered various things. By simple association you can master them too.


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  1. As for me who lives in the rural remote of far west Texas and where the only cops you’ll ever see are one or two DPS (who mostly target drivers from California), in my sane asylum on and around our land, the biggest fear is probably mountain lions and an occasional bear…there is too much reality out here to get caught up in the “reality show” meme that seems to inhabit much of the rest of the good ol’ US of A…and I plan to keep it that way!

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