Or you can mail donations to Henry Shivley at P.O. Box 964, Chiloquin, OR 97624

February Auction for From the Trenches

The winners of this month’s auction are:

  • Pair of Beofang Ham Radios: $100 toymaker
  • Tomahawk: $30 Norm
  • The Political Art of David Dees – Volume 1: $10 Christine
  • Flash Drive full of Important Information: $10 DL
  • Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit: $13 Galen
  • Bill of Rights Pendant: $10 Norm
  • Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America: $10 Christine
  • The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge: In Our Own Words: $25 Christine
  • Incident at Oglala DVD: $10 Mary

Thank you to all who participated.  

Ed Teach, Joe STP, Mary, Galen, Ruth, and I are sponsoring an auction to raise funds for From the Trenches World Report.

This way, the Trenchers will get what they want and the Trenches will be supported.

All auctions will end on Friday, February 8th at noon, Pacific Time.

The winning bidder can either donate via PayPal or mail the donation to Henry Shivley, P.O. Box 964, Chiloquin, Oregon 97624.

Make sure you include your current mailing address so that the prizes can go out as soon as possible.

Thank you to Ed Teach, Joe STP, Mary, Galen, and Ruth for the donations and to all who participate.

Have fun!

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9 Responses to February Auction for From the Trenches

  1. mary in TX says:

    RE: flash drive….contains Henry’s CD-‘Bill of Rights/Common Law Explained’, The Federalist and The Anti-Federalist Papers, the two Writs found here at the Trenches and a lot more information…you will not be disappointed!

  2. mary in TX says:

    RE: book ‘Judaism Discovered’ by Michael Hoffman (over 1000 pages) ….from the back cover:….”Judaism Discovered’ represents painstaking research based on rigorous examination of all available exegetical sources. Deconstructing the rabbinic texts line by kine, Michael Hoffman has discovered a terra incognita: Orthodox Judaism as the ideological survival of the most ossified traditions of Babylonian paganism, concealed beneath a complex system of dissimulation and misdirection. His unsparing thesis is a radical challenge to Judaism’s claims to Biblical provenance and probity.”

  3. mary in TX says:

    RE: book ‘Red Mafiya…’ substitute ‘Russian’ for ‘Jewish’ as the author does

  4. galen says:

    This, this right here, is the moment. Come one, come ALL!!!

    We may not do it like this, but we still do it:




  5. galen says:

    Thank you, Mary. I have been wanting that book for a long time. Wow!!



  6. Norm says:

    Yes, got that Tomahawk….. Gonna come in handy for CQC when I’m out of ammo….that and a dagger and I’ll go out honorably, just like a Last Mohican….. 🙂

  7. galen says:

    Hey Norm, the check is in the mail, uh, I mean the pendant.



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