Fed’s Bullard says there is ‘good news’ for those worried about the economy’s future: that universal COVID-19 testing will help restore economic health

Market Watch – by Greg Robb

There is “good news” for those who think the U.S. economy will have a tough time recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, said St. Louis Fed President James Bullard, on Sunday.

“There is a solution using available technology today to fix the economic part,” Bullard said, In an interview on the CBS News program “Face the Nation.”

That solution? Universal testing.

Bullard laid out a system where every American would be tested every day and would wear a badge with their negative result, similar to the ones people wear after they vote.

This would help the economy because people “could interact with each other with a lot of confidence,” he said. And the health-care sector would be able to bring care quickly to those in need.

Last month, Bullard made headlines for publishing research suggesting the U.S. unemployment rate might soar above 30%.

During his CBS interview on Sunday, Bullard repeated that the coronavirus-era job losses shouldn’t be compared with those during any past economic recession because it is the result of a request from the federal government: Stay home to invest in the health of the country.

“In principal, this is an understandable situation. We do not want people to go back to the basketball games. We do not want people to get on planes while this disease is ravaging the economy,” he said.

The sharp increase in initial claims for state unemployment insurance over the past two weeks is good news in the sense that Americans will get the government transfer payments they need, he added,

Most of the impact of the shutdown in economic activity will be felt in the second quarter, Bullard said.

The third legislative relief package passed by Congress, estimated to allocate around $2.5 trillion in new spending, is about the right size to assist Americans who have lost jobs and income, Bullard said. The challenge now is to get that assistance into the right hands.

U.S. equity benchmarks show how concerned investors are about the outlook. The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -1.68% is down 26% in 2020, while the S&P 500 index SPX, -1.51% is down 23%.

Market Watch

18 thoughts on “Fed’s Bullard says there is ‘good news’ for those worried about the economy’s future: that universal COVID-19 testing will help restore economic health

  1. “That solution? Universal testing.
    Bullard laid out a system where every American would be tested every day and would wear a badge with their negative result, similar to the ones people wear after they vote”.

    Fk you and die u fkn stasi nazi mthrfkr and Gates too, let the rebellion begin…….Oh, and can I where my little negative results badge in the shape of a star of david…. Ha ha ha

    I guess soon they will start this mandate and those of us who refuse won’t be able to work, shop, play, or anything else.

    My fellow Americans, if you go along with any of this shit, you deserve what is going to happen to you and your families. Rebel, say no, and refuse this NWO attempt to enslave us without a fight.

    These punks think they are gonna get away with this shit, just cause they crashed the economy and all without them getting their asses shot to hell. Hmmm, wonder how many will give in to fear… and accept slavery over freedom…

      1. Thx Katie, I feel the pressure building on all this…!

        And I don’t think they can put this back in the box, at best with this 4 trillion next level “bailout” they are going to trigger another 2008 occupy movement which I assume they’ll infiltrate again with their little fake anarchist agitators.

        It really is way past time this shit gets going.

        Just awaiting the mandates and then the enforcement I guess…!

  2. Any normal thinking person should see this for exactly what it is & not only flatly reject it but go a lot further than that to stop this getting worse! I’ve known for a long time that a huge number of people around me will fall for this shit & worse. I really hate to think it’s the majority but sadly that might be true. All those zombie movies are coming true. Idiocracy the movie was a documentary!

    1. It took you 19 comments to finally slip your defeatist f-king lying shit in.
      No, it is not the f-king majority, never has been, never will be. So why don’t you go join that minority and bury yourself in a pile of f-king toilet paper and pray for the rapture?
      My experience has been one in twenty or thirty believe this shit. You had your one f-king shot at betraying your people by trying to slip that defeatism in.
      Majority my f-king ass. How much do they pay you mother f-kers to slip your lying ass propaganda in just one time?
      I let this comment through so our people can see how you shills work.
      F-k your childish ass zombies in their zombie asses. Tell you what kid, zombies don’t exist. Spiderman, Superman, the Flash, it’s all cartoons.
      Now get the f-k out of here and get over to infowars where you can throw up your hands and surrender because there is no way you can defeat the corporation….because because because they have so much money and power.
      They have the money all right but the power lies with us, the armed population that is the f-king majority that will never be reduced to believing funny books are real.

    1. Sad indeed! And that pos NY guy (can’t recall name now) acts like he cares. “No fault of their own.”
      This is just the beginning of those food lines too.

  3. Fed’s Bullard says there is ‘good news’ for those worried about the economy’s future: that universal COVID-19(FREEDOM) testing will help restore economic health”

  4. restored economic health WILL be restored when all these f#$kers are hanging from a tree, shot dead, chopped to death etc. etc. etc,

  5. Good,Morning Henry…..
    Here’s one for Mr. Wilder

    Sorry had to get a cheap shot…on the way out.

  6. Ok Henry, I’m sorry I offended you & that you think that of me. It’s probably understandable in these tense times given I’m a total stranger typing crap off the top of my head. The last 2 times I went with family to buy groceries I was just pissed at how many people were wearing masks & even gloves in my area that’s all. Obviously it’s different in different parts of the country & world & maybe I just have more liberal fools living around me. I only found your site after viewing a video that linked back here a couple of weeks ago then listened to one of your shows & maybe I just got carried away commenting in the last week being at home most of the time now. From now on I’ll just read & not comment and continue to enjoy your audio which I’ve really enjoyed & passed to others. I’m a thick-skinned old bastard so no problem hehe (and call me kid anytime – it makes this 87yr old feel a lot younger for a while!). With you all still in spirit even if you don’t let this last comment thru – we will win this! Bye 🙂

    1. I can understand the pressures of confinement.
      Wait a minute, no I can’t. I haven’t obeyed one little bit of this shit, and like I said, I only see one in twenty falling for the banana in the tailpipe and the rest simply becoming more enraged by the day.
      Your explanation gives me leave to believe you and via this comment your explanation is reasonable, so do continue to comment with the realization that our enemy is actually running an ad campaign outside of the mainstream propaganda machine in an attempt to preserve and perpetuate the lie.
      If as many people believed this bullshit as the known, without question, liars, running this production have declared, they wouldn’t need to run commercials 24/7.
      I’m disgusted with the one in twenty to be honest with you, but yeah, this shit is going to end and our focus should be on nationwide house arrest with zero due process of the law, just like the red flag policies violating the supreme law of this land via presumption and accusation and absolutely unlawful corporate dictate from unlawful corporations from the United States Corporation to the Walmart corporation.
      I don’t want to push anybody away that isn’t falling for this, but I have been dealing with piles of comments coming into pending written very craftily in double speak, just trying to get the notion of defeat in the minds of the largest army to ever exist on the planet. We cannot and will not be defeated and the day will come when those who made the attempt will suffer ten times over for the misery they have caused in perpetrating their treason.

    2. Mr. Wilder, I too went into a local town (not mine,but one 20 miles away). Some folks were wearing masks or bandana type coverings though there is no corona virus in our area of far west Texas (there is in El Paso though). Most were not and we’re talking an artsy-fartsy town here with more liberals than one would expect out here. All of the mask wearers were white liberal types (Beto-lovers). NONE were Hispanic (which is the majority in this town), Then I go to my own local town (don’t live in it though but out in the country) and NO ONE, white or Hispanic or whatever, is wearing the masks. Much more pro-Second Article/Amendment in this town. In other words, some rural areas have the “normies” as they are called while others have more independent thinkers. To put it in numbers: out of maybe fifty people I saw, only about four wore masks, which is one in about 12, not 20, but still. The brainwashed at most are only about 8 percent, more or less. I’d say less. It is out of fear that one gets defeated…”fear is the mind killer.”

  7. “Defeat is always self-chosen.”
    — Colin Wilson

    “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”
    — Jordan Belfort

    “A battle is won by the side that is absolutely determined to win.”
    — Leo Tolstoy

    “You are NOT a victim. No matter what you have been through, you’re still here. You may have been challenged, hurt, betrayed, beaten, and discouraged, but nothing has defeated you. You are still here.”
    — Steve Maraboli

    “Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.”
    — Marilyn vos Savant

    “Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.”
    — F. Scott Fitzgerald

    “A group of donkeys lead by a lion can defeat a group of lions lead by a donkey.”
    — Socrates


  8. Just another reason I love this site–there is NO DEFEATISM HERE! THANK YOU HENRY AND LAURA!

    And memo to Mr. Wilder–to help you get over any defeatist attitude you have if say you are sheltering in place or whatever, download that FREE PDF novel The Prodigal Band (see at side) and learn that we the people who reject the evil will win no matter what…and you don’t even have to be religious about it. The Bill of Rights (which implies choice) is the physical side while belief on Christ (which is also a choice) is the spiritual side. As I say in this novel–“With God you have a choice, with Satan you do not have a choice!”

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