Felicity Jackson: 29-year-old British model suffering continual convulsions, seizures after second Pfizer mRNA injection

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MANCHESTER — A 29-year-old British model is now unable to work after fulfilling mandates to save her job.

Ms. Felicity Jackson received her first Pfizer mRNA injection sometime in June, according to her Instagram page. She felt general malaise that entire week. Ms. Jackson suffered a “seizure-type fit” that week as well. She called 111 (the British 911) the morning after the seizure. Incredibly, medical personnel told her that the seizure was “nothing to worry about.” Her regular doctor also dismissed the malaise and seizure, telling Ms. Jackson that her reaction to the first mRNA injection doesn’t qualify her for an exemption from the second injection.

Despite the malaise and seizure, Ms. Jackson chose to receive a second Pfizer mRNA injection on August 24. Life-altering adverse effects followed. She was temporarily paralyzed from the neck down. But later that day, she started suffering violent, painful, uncontrollable convulsions and tremors. She also suffered from brain fog, chest pains, blurred vision, debilitating sensitivity to light, confusion and full-body pain.

Ms. Jackson went to hospitals three times that week, but received no answers or even mitigating treatments. Doctors referred her to an epilepsy specialists on September 9, but she does not have epilepsy. She also never had seizures before the mRNA injections.

Felicity’s new normal

Ms. Jackson posted an update on September 20, reporting her first full day without seizures and convulsions (“fits” as she calls them) since she got the second injection. She described her days since the second Pfizer injection as follows:

“The fits occur between 2-12 times per day and can last anywhere from a few minutes to two hours. More recently I have been having terrible chest pains. An ambulance was called on the morning of the 15/9 as I thought I was having a heart attack. The muscles around my heart had gone into spasm and I could not breathe and had pains in my arm.”

She also must wear sunglasses in the house because her eyes are extremely sensitive to light.

Ms. Jackson posted several videos of her daily life on Instagram. Here is one of them.

One person asked Ms. Jackson why she even got the second injection when she got sick and had a seizure after the first one. Ms. Jackson again said she could not get an exemption. She also said she needed the injections for her job because she travels to New York for her job.

But now Ms. Jackson describes her life this way:

“I am unable to continue with normal life. I cannot go into work, I cannot be alone and I cannot do the every day things I would normally do unassisted.”

Thus she received the injections to save her job, but now cannot work anyway.

Ms. Jackson said doctors are not helping her at all. The only positive is that they’ve admitted her condition is a severe adverse reaction to the mRNA injections.

Ms. Jackson is receiving ozone therapy, taking CBD oil, and has altered her diet to attempt detoxing her body. She was a model for a company called Rock My Wedding. She is also a creative director there.

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7 thoughts on “Felicity Jackson: 29-year-old British model suffering continual convulsions, seizures after second Pfizer mRNA injection

  1. Nearly every post I see like this the victim is angry because “no one was saying anything to warn us!” – except 5 or 20 million ‘crazy conspiracy theorists’.

    I no longer have any sympathy for anyone ending up like this, and get ready for a WHOLE lot more.

    1. Exactly, what part of Don’t Take Bill Gates Eugenics injections don’t they understand?

      If anyone has fallen for any of the propaganda or taken this shit due to any of the coercion or threats or fear of peers or loss of jobs, then the only sympathy I can muster is; I am sorry you are fkn ignorant and will now be considered a victim of the NWO


  2. Broken record.. Wake up. Get FKN Cleaned up … OK Same old shit!!!!! Thought maybe i could retire?.? HA HA HA ha ha

  3. I walked away from a $80+k a year job as a COMMERCIAL PAINTER AT A HOSPITAL that I loved & totally changed my life & am now on unpaid leave because I wouldn’t take the shot. I am losing everything EXCEPT my health & soul. If you dont take 15 min to look up the ingredients & their toxic affects that are in this shot I have zero sympathy for your catastrophic bad choices. My co workers , the ones that talk about what they will do when the gov comes for their guns…those co workers who took the shots, when they get sick & die, I wont shed a tear. This is a Darwin award.

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