FEMA Seeks Bio-Disposal For 1,000 Tent Hospitals

Published on Jan 14, 2014 by potrblog

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FEMA is seeking contracters who can supply MEDICAL BIOHAZARD disposal capabilities and 40 yard dumpsters to 1,000 TENT HOSPITALS across the United States; all required on 24-48 hour notice.

Based on this and other previous (insane) bizops orders from FEMA its pretty obvious they are spooling up the National Disaster Medical System to respond to some national catastrophic. The obvious candidates are a H7N9 pandemic or a worsening of the current H1N1 epidemic.

The effort seems to be geared towards deploying Federal Medical Stations to 1000 locations across the USA and staffing them each with 100 medical personnel. In that regard, FEMA has attempted to order 200,000 pairs of Doctor’s Scrubs for 24hr delivery @ 200 pairs per tent hospital. Not surprisingly, industry informed FEMA this was impossible. FEMA also attempted to order mobile showers and toilets to support the effort, again industry informed FEMA that they could not handle the “Armageddon Scenario”. At least this time FEMA seems to have learned something and is first asking for capability assessments before putting out unsupportable purchase orders.

So what does it all mean? It means a clustermess should such medical services actually be required. Given the number of current H1N1 patients using the very limited number of available artificial lungs, ECMO machines, such a spool up of the National Disaster Medical System is a clear near term possibility. Unfortunately the possibility of 1000 tent hospitals each handled with the same alacrity as Hurricane Katrina is also highly likely, AKA CLUSTERMESS.

SOURCES listed below available @

Dumpster & Bio Medical Waste Services Solicitation Number: HSFE70-14-I-0006

48 Hour Delivery Order: 100,000 “Doctor Scrubs”; 1000 (100 Person) Shelters; + Fuel, Showers, Bathrooms, and Hygine Equipment; Apparent Mobilization of the National Disaster Medical System

MASSIVE ALERT! HHS Forces Doomsday Prepping on ALL Medicare & Medicaid Providers

FDA Directs Critical Drug Manufacturers to Prep For Massive Employee Absenteeism

Healthcare and Public Health (Federal) Threat Operations Center (HTOC)

DMORT: Mobile Mortuary Response System Activation and Pandemic Flu Drills

USDA Hiring Call-up To Mobilize The National Animal Health Emergency Response Corps For H7N9 Bird Flu

CDC Says: “the US health care system is likely to be overwhelmed” from H7N9 Outbreak


Hemorrhagic H7N9 Avian Flu + Pandemic Blood Shortage = $57,000,000 award to Cellphire for Thrombosomes

12 thoughts on “FEMA Seeks Bio-Disposal For 1,000 Tent Hospitals

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    The above article highlights the obvious,.. but fails to bring light to what should also be just as easily recognizable, which is: Broad Spectrum Logistical Support Requirements.

    Allow me to examplify just a few of the oversights and considerations that were not expressed.

    1) Scanerio: 1,000 Tent Hospitals with 100 Doctors.

    Think about this for a second,… besides the logistical nightmare of the Tent Hospitals themselves (where are they kept/stored, and who is going to train in how to set these up in an expedient manner?)

    What they are also talking about is mobiling 100 Doctors for 1,000 different Emergency Bio Triage/treatment/containment/quarantine units.
    Thats 100,000 Doctors they expect to be able to mobilize as quickly as they can setup these tents!!! (Really,… do any of the Doctors who will be expected to work in this dangerously contaminated enviroment know this?)

    In addition,… these people need to be SPECIALIZED in Bio Warfare agents and Pandemic microbes and protocols!!!

    You also need the lab equipment for each one of these what are essentially MASH units, so that each person can be tested (or at least 1 in 5, 1 in 10, etc can be tested),.. you need incubators, microscopes, specialized DNA squencing devices,.. and people who know how to operate/maintain them!

    In addition,.. you have got to be able to house, feed and treat the doctors themselves, as they will need rest, food, showers, and some of them will invariably become sick themselves,… thereby reducing that particular tent hospital’s staff!

    And the two things they will need above all, is POWER (Electrical),.. and fuel to run the generations system,.. where is the request for that equipment and field support? (there is none in this posting).

    Then they asked for 200,000 sets of scrubs,… but that is ONLY 2 sets per doctor!,.. How long does some one thing thats going to last?? (and industry is already saying,.. that ain’t happening!),.. so what happens when both sets of scrubs are to filthy, torn, or contaminated and can not be used any further???? (ans: They are SOL!)

    And that is just naming a few of the logistical requirements!

    No people,… this is not a description for a Quick Repsonse System to a Bio Hazard,… this is an absolute receipe for an absolute disaster,.. bar none!

    Don’t rely on gov’t when this kind of event unfolds,…. they won’t even be able to help themselves,.. much less any significant number of people!

    JD – US Marines – Does anybody else smell a US Fed Gov’t Black-Ops in the works??

    1. Good points JD. To add to that, the big question is where are they going to put these facility’s? In the city’s? if so then you have a security nightmare beyond belief. How will you quarantine a city to keep people in , and how will you keep the security forces safe from the bio hazard? No mention of that in the article either. Trust me if this was to take place it would cause panic and mass hysteria. Your right this is a disaster in the making.

      1. Hi Redhorse,

        As I mentioned,.. I only covered the “tip-of-the-iceberg” issues,.. but your absolutely correct.

        We didn’t even broach the subject of facility or quarantine security, which is a whole nother sets of systems, personal, logistical support issues and risks! (The security detail will also be susceptible to the pandemic, must also need someplace to bunk, shit/shower/shave, wash clothes (their own), maintain gear, keep their focus (a little R&R/diversion now and then) and so forth.

        In addition, because this will be a medical facility, it will stock pile drugs and other medical supplies, which in that kind of scanerio,.. would quickly run out in the civilian sector,.. meaning,…. armed gangs will be looking to highjack in coming shipments of supplies,.. and will continuously attempt to over-run the tent facility itself in order to loot it of supplies,.. plus feed the druggies their drug habits!

        Yes Redhorse,… you are absolutely right in mentioning the security issues, which will become of paramount importance as the situation evolves and deteriorates very quickly!

        There will be shootings and gunshoot wounds to contend with also,…. and thats just in the initial phases of breakdown.


    2. I doubt that it would be 100 doctors per tent. More likely it would be 10 doctors, and 90 support personnel, ie, nurses, orderly’s.

  2. A tent hospital? I’d feel safer in a dirt cave, laying on a bed of palm leaves with a medicine man hovering over me chanting “the yellow rose of Texas” while swiggin a bottle of 110 proof Everclear.

    1. Hi Mark,


      OHhhhhh,… that’s great!!!

      Personally,… I think your chances will be MUCH better living in dirt (not even a dirt cave), and having a “medicine man” leaning over you chanting, “OO-WWWHHAATTAA — JJEERRKK — III–AAMMMM”!!!

      JD – US Marines – Mark may have suggested the alternative to this crisis in the making!

  3. Thank God for you people in the trenches who have the wisdom to see past propaganda and disinformation.

    Unless conscripted what Dr. would leave their practice and pristine office to volunteer in a tent? The Hippocratic oath and the Oath of Office doesn’t mean squat these days.

    JD I think your right, a US Fed Gov’t Black-Ops is the works.

  4. I wouldn’t want FEMA in my community. I read about how they treated
    people during and after hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and New York.
    Treated them like they were prisoners. As far as I am concerned, FEMA
    can drop off supplies and leave. The supplies are paid for by
    tax payers anyway. This is one of the reasons the states have a
    National Guard; to assist in disasters.

  5. Looking over this whole scenario I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe that’s just what they have planned. Nothing. We of rational thought know they couldn’t handle any of this as they couldn’t even pull off smaller scenario’s without screwing it up. What if the bio hazard is just the reason to implement this. Smoke and mirrors. Get people to panic so they can move forward with the plan. With panic in the city’s how many would die in the first 72 hour’s from riot’s? Remember Orson Welles had people jumping out of buildings over a fake radio broadcast of aliens attacking.
    With the ability’s we have today in the movie industry, how hard would it be to fake a city or a county having a bio hazard and dead people everywhere? Shock and awe then panic then riots.

  6. OK – So the punchline is: During the Three Mile Island “disaster” which was later called a “meltdown scenario” (in 1979?) over 80% of ALL doctors LEFT TOWN (Harrisburgh,PA) with their families! The “official” plan for radiation contaminated patients was to put them in the parking lot across the street from the main hospital and use a firehose on them to decontaminate. Then have a TENT hospital there to treat them. They had NO plans to let these people into the hospital because they were contagious through exposure. My suggestion in a flu pandemic is for people to STAY HOME or wear a MASK, but don’t go to a hospital where you are left to die. Sorry. Truth hurts. Doctors will be outta town. Get what you need now to quarantine yourself at home for at least 6 WEEKS.

  7. Thanks guys for bringing light to the subject of FEMA and their disaster build-up. I have another bit to add: we should expect occasional natural disasters,
    but we don’t have a civil defense system at all. How do we compare with other countries?
    As of 1989, China had a tunnel system with kitchens, ample food storage, bathing facilities, life support for their entire population. In Beijing, tunnels connect every shop, and individual parts of the tunnel can be walled-off against water, contaminated air, collapse, etc. Alternate routes allow people to work around a blockage. Cities and villages have such tunnels with infrastructure to handle their population and any visitors, as well. They are
    set up for natural disasters as well as nuclear fallout. China would not be a good target for a nuclear strike.
    Russia has a tunnel system, and they budget to maintain it. So does Switzerland. Now look at our provisions for disaster; do a Google search for fallout shelters just to familiarize yourself and plan for any adversity. I live in
    Phoenix–NO facilities exist here. I am pointing out a deficiency of caring
    for our people. Re-stated: we haven’t cared enough to ask our politicians to
    set this up for us. Our attentions are mostly diverted to Big Sports, politics and scandals, Emmies and Oscars, musicians and actors on binges.

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