Ferguson Hoax Proven in Pictures

Ferguson Hoax Proven in PicturesNoDisInfo

Regarding the recent ‘events’ in Ferguson, Missouri, no doubt, this is all staged at the behest of the Zionist-controlled DHS. It’s a fake, complete with a litany of taxypayer-funded crisis actors.

Do these men look like they are doing anything other than acting, merely playing out a role? How else could it be described?  

It is actually “overacting,” which is clear and obvious. This is a gun control hoax, make no mistake about it.

Staring directly at the camera the man on the ground is a crisis actor. There is no doubt about it. He is not truly being arrested for any cause. It’s fake, which is beyond dispute. The Ferguson hoax is so ludicrous that it is simply beyond the pale, with the hoax index being virtually immeasurable.  It’s almost to the point of silliness:


There they are, putting on the act. The fake arrested man is, clearly, staring right at the camera, with a fake grimace, playing his essential role. Talk about a couple of actors. Is the pay that good? With their overacting they make it obvious that this is an arch-phony.  Oh, but wait a minute. There is blooooodddd after all:

It’s purportedly a bloody helmet from a cop shot in presumably the face. Really, shot in the head or face? Who would do that in the midst of all those riot police?

This is all there is, a few splatters? Regardless, where are the detectives, the real ones, and the actual forensics unit? Moreover, where is the wounded police/SWAT officer? Why are there no images of the wounded men being carried away and transported? There were cameras to be found everywhere, and there is not a single image of the wounded cops?


“There are no arrests” in the shootings yet. Why would there be any real arrests? There was no shooting. This is proven by the imagery itself. Are they desperate? Why the relentless degree of fabrication? It’s obviously fake. Look at the visor. It’s mere paint, and like all water soluble paint, it separates:

Moreover, what else is seen regarding this tempura paint? It’s on the outside of the helmet.


Absolutely, it is on the outside, plus it is running. Blood doesn’t do that. Notice the color, that of mere paint:

In this image it can also be seen clearly that the fake blood is on the outer element of the visor.

Here is more fake blood separating into the grass. Notice the obvious placement of the items, as mere props.

Someone just dumped a bit of the phony red matter right on the earth and at some distance from the props. Hoax/Fake Index: off the scale.

Yet, per the Guardian it is said:

One officer from St Louis County and another from Webster Groves were struck soon after midnight on Wednesday as they stood outside the Ferguson police headquarters, St Louis County police chief Jon Belmar said at a press conference early on Thursday morning.

“These police officers were standing there and they were shot, just because they were police officers,” said Belmar, who added that the officers sustained serious gunshot wounds.

The Webster Groves officer, a 32-year-old who has worked in the department for five years, was shot in the face, according to Belmar. The St Louis County officer, who is 41 and a 17-year law-enforcement veteran, was shot in the shoulder, he said.

Sergeant Brian Schellman, a spokesman for St Louis County police, told the Guardian that both officers were being treated in hospital. “No update yet on condition,” said Schellman.

The sympathy card was played, here, with the “shot just because” line, which is a standard in arch-Zionist psyops hoaxes, especially those involving ‘America’s finest,’ that is the finest examples of Masonic moles in the land.

Schellman is a well-placed Zionist agent. All that he says regarding this event is a fabrication. There was no shooting of any kind. There is no evidence for any such shooting. This is a hoax, no other possibility. In other words, no police officer was shot and surely no one was shot in the face. Anyone claiming otherwise is an agent, a paid pysops mole for the Zionist-controlled government.

It should be kept in mind that any such moles are in league with the arch-Zionist DHS, which robs the taxpayer largess to commit these scams. Then, truly they are agents of the Zionists, working in league with them, stealing from the public, hoaxing them, defrauding them.


4 thoughts on “Ferguson Hoax Proven in Pictures

  1. Bad acting, bad directing, and the special effects dept. is sub-standard 50’s B horror movies’ quality.

    And these are the clowns that OWN Hollywood?

  2. Notice short sleeve shirts on BOTH in the talmudvision interview. How cold was it outside in Ferguson that night?!

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