Fieldcraft- Using A Diversion During An Ambush


Mar 17, 2022

This is another variation when conducting an ambush. Always vary your tactics. Change faster than your enemy can counter the tactic you recently used. Keep them guessing.

5 thoughts on “Fieldcraft- Using A Diversion During An Ambush

  1. The shit you all better be learning !
    Don’t matter if you do the damages
    Rather you know what’s going on so it is supported.
    This is where it’s gonna start
    There is much more I don’t know how to say.
    I don’t agree with all this dude’s politics, but militarily is what it is! (Examine any guerrilla manual)
    Regardless his politics, I agree that there is no choice but to fight (BofR)
    Maybe some day we can have a real vote. That day ain’t today!
    We have to endure the pain our earlier generations couldn’t see so our posterity may not have to see it for at least a few generations.
    Many will be dead and damaged.
    Those down the road who are free will know ­čÖé

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