9 thoughts on “Fields of human cages in Caruthers, CA

    1. We finally have a home for all the seditious fcks in our EFIO government , lets start filling them with traitors before they make a move on us

      Some are saying they are workout cages
      Well , I don’t think so
      2 story plus a toilet ?

      1. We need to find out were these are made, if you feel me on that..who the fk is manufacturing this, and well, you get the idea..

        Undoutably, they were delivered by flat bed, tarped no doubt for secrecy. Would love to talk with one of the drivers.

      2. Yeah, I read “workout cages for prisoners in solitary.” Ha!! Guess they gotta keep ’em strong and healthy so they can bend down and pick up garbage.


    1. Contact the one that made the video on YouTube
      Can’t be that big a town
      And to have an area this size shouldn’t be hard to find
      Always good to put boots on the ground to verify , I know I would if I was close enough to do so

      Let us all know how you do

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