Fireballs In The sky over Davison, Michigan

Published on Sep 29, 2014 by MissLisa

Strange Fireballs in Davison, Michigan on September 25,2014.. I was outside with my family around 6:50pm. We seen this thought it was unusual.  My camera died during this video.

Published on Sep 29, 2014 by MissLisa

Fireballs in the sky Davison, Michigan September 25,2014 My camera died on the first video. This is after I plugged it in.

3 thoughts on “Fireballs In The sky over Davison, Michigan

  1. Those are Geoengineering jets owned by the AirForce & funded by many Organizations spraying ChemTrails for the purpose of Weather Modification! The problem is they are full of substances that are harmful the plants, animals, & humans! Google & research Geoengineering & ChemTrails, you will wake up to what is going on in the skies everyday all over the world! Do a FB search for Jan Peabody & other sites where people are trying to educate the public on what our Government is doing to life on Earth!

  2. I agree the person with the camera is a f^$king idiot.

    Yo stop zooming and moving.
    What a waste of my life.

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