47 thoughts on “It’s the first day of Summer

    1. I’m going to need to practice proof reading, I change my comments around and end up looking stupid 🙂

      1. Frank Face, no worries, I knew you were speaking about the Sultans Royal Jester, Bak Bak from Arabian Knights.

      2. Don’t feel bad Frank, I used to have to send in my comments and articles, so Henry and Laura could correct my spelling and punctuation. I can,t spell really, and my writing stinks.

        They basically taught me how spell and punctuate. Before that I really hadn’t wrote anything in length.

        Probably wrote a couple hundred articles with the site, had them erased because of something stupid. Don,t want to talk about it.

        1. I’ve spent the last 20 years working with my hands, when the chit hits the fan I will be way more useful in the immediate future then an English teacher no doubt.

        1. I have a few words, the one that comes up the most is Wednesday, it would not be spelled correctly even now without spell check, I suppose if I cared enough I could hammer it down and learn it proper.

          The word I have trouble saying is subliminal, thats the only one I know of.

          1. Never have been able to spell very good, and my writing is atrocious. My brain aint too good either. 🙂

          2. “My brain aint too good either.”

            When’s the last time you had it washed?

          3. It was washed pretty good when I was a military police officer at fort Sheridan IL. in the 60’s…. long time ago.

          4. Mine needs a good rinse at least once a week.

            Damn chemtrails, don’cha know.

  1. It’s pretty much summer in Texas all yr. round compared to alot of folks’s weather other places. Todays is the first day of SUPER summer in Texas.

    Ya’ll stay cool now, ye haw.

  2. It might be the first day of summer.

    But it’s the second day for me sweating my azz off in the trailer…even with my swamp cooler running…, and only wearing my undies.
    If this keeps up…
    I may have no choice but to go full birfday suit.

    Well flee..
    How hot is it…?

    It’s so hot…
    Both of my dogs are taking turns peeing on each other to cool themselves off.

    Gotta go….
    I have refill their water bowl again.

    1. Just added that to my library. Great song to drive a semi to while hammer down, 12th gear.

      1. Glad you like, their 40oz to freedom album is priceless, this is from their self titled album sublime which is okay but not magic like the one i mentioned.

          1. I love how raw the album is, the levels are slightly off and every song has its own style.
            I smoke much green myself 🙂 I use a dry herb vaporizer that is a volcano clone.

          2. Pipe (metal, not glass), with the occasional joint. Not really all that fond of joints anymore, too much waste off of the burning end… but they’re definitely more convenient if you’re outdoors and it’s windy.

    1. I know all these songs, I grew up listening to oldies by choice, I preferred it over 80’s/90’s pop.

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