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First Group of Central American Caravan Migrants Arrives at US Border – Reports


US President Donald Trump has deployed 5,000 military personnel to the US-Mexico border as the migrant caravan comes closer to the southern border; the number of troops could increase to 15,000.

The first group of caravan migrants consisting of more than 350 people, has arrived in the border town of Tijuana, from where they plan to get to the US, the web portal reported.

According to the portal, migrants arrived in nine buses, accompanied by patrol cars from the Mexican federal police. In Tijuana, they were met by employees of the National Institute for Migration, who helped accommodate migrants in one of the city’s shelters, where they were provided with food.

There are about ten shelters in the city that are ready to receive the arriving migrants and provide them with the necessary medical assistance, representative of the migrant assistance program Cesar Palencia stated.

Several caravans of migrants, mostly from Honduras, have started their way across the territory of Mexico to reach the border with the United States in an attempt to get into the territory adjacent to Mexico.

The caravan reportedly includes more than 7,000 migrants. However, Mexican authorities have said that the caravan marching through its territory only included around 3,600 migrants.

Meanwhile, the US government has reported plans to deploy 15,000 troops to its border with Mexico to address the issue of the approaching caravan of migrants seeking asylum in the country.


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5 Responses to First Group of Central American Caravan Migrants Arrives at US Border – Reports

  1. Jim says:

    Good thing Trump sent troops to stop them –

  2. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Pathetic… Trump let’s the drug mules cross, these clowns each have a kilo of coke and 20 grand in their pocket.

  3. flee says:

    After arriving at the checkpoints.

    They were handed 30 burritos..

    Wal-Mart applications filled out in english saying they were Conan MacGregor.

    A nice Irish name…

    And defective condoms with holes in them.

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