First. Nationwide Food Riots, Then …

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In the last Depression 3 million Americans starved to death. Since then we have added 202 million people thanks the benefits the Elite get from unlimited legal and illegal immigration. I estimate that America will lose at least 50 million people in the period of the Troubles after the first Nationwide Food Riots.

Many of those 50 million will be leaving America because they will feel safer in their homeland after the violence erupts here. 

Donald Trump took one Giant Step to devaluing the dollar when he pressured the Federal Reserve Board to cut interest rates. As a real estate investor, he is thinking of paying off his debts with cheaper dollars. Dream On.

In Jim Rickards new book he predicts a Mar a Lago Accords which like the Plaza Accords of 1985 will cut the value of the dollar.  The problem is that Americans are stretched thin. They are hurt by auto loans, student loans and credit card debt. An Australian economist took a look at incomes after taxes and payments. He found we have precious little we can afford to give up. Rents in many parts of America are sky high due to unlimited legal and illegal immigration. We countered the loss in income due to lower wages and higher rents caused by over population through immigration by printing money by the trillions and getting free stuff from foreigners.

60% of American money is overseas because we printed dollars and paid for things with I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes. Jim Rickards said eventually foreigners will just say No to giving us free stuff. I think the new IMF Accords on the dollar will come in two stages. First will come something like a 20% cut in the purchasing power of the dollar overseas. In the second phase your dollar will no longer be a reserve currency like the British pound used to be. There will be a point early in the 2020s when you will have to first buy an ounce of gold  for $10,000 US Federal Reserve notes before you can buy something from China or the Mideast or even Latin America. That is when imported goods increase 500% in price to American wage earners and pensioners.

I would expect Nationwide Food Riots soon after the cost of eating doubles. We have two things going on here to double food prices. If we lower interest rates and successfully devalue the dollar, we make imported food more expensive and enable people from overseas to buy food off our shelves at what they see as bargain basement prices.

We will also be heading into a Grand Solar Minimum. During the Maunder Minimum (1645-1715), the sun radiated less heat. Wheat prices rose 400% in the UK.

But Dr Valentina Zarkhova has noticed that more significant than the slight global cooling is the reduction of the sun’s magnetosphere. This allows more cosmic rays (nuclear particles from distant decaying stars) to strike the earth. The New Madrid fault had a major quake during the Maunder Minimum on 12-25-1699. During the Dalton Minimum, the New Madrid fault had 4 quakes on 3 days in 1811-1812.

Japanese scientists also noted an increase in the number of volcanoes during a Grand Solar Minimum. The likely cause of the increase in both quakes and volcanoes is the increased number of cosmic rays energizing the earth.

Increased volcanic ash in the atmosphere also cools the earth. As does the increase of clouds caused by additional cosmic rays striking the earth’s atmosphere.

We are entering the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum in 2019. Winter 2019-2020 will be harsh. The first of many to come. Also expect the reduced earth magnetopshere to let the Jet Stream wander about causing wild changes in weather patterns. The floods in the Midwest and the droughts in other parts of the world have already increased food prices.

I think increasing food prices by 120% or more will cause Nationwide Food Riots.

After the dollar is no longer a reserve currency as good as gold, Americans will face permanent pay cuts of 50%. We will enter a second Civil War if we don’t have Debt Cancellation.  Civil War will lead to a population reduction of  at least 50 million.

Of course we could use Debt Cancellation to solve our economic woes. A Depression is a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. We have more Unpayable Debts than anytime in history. That means we are headed a Depression far worse than 1933 America if we do not have Debt Cancellation as the kings of Sumer and Babylon did starting 4,400 years ago. When the Jewish Bible writers arrived in Babylon, they called this the Jubilee.

And we could close down shopping malls and reopen LED indoor grow centers to raise fresh veggies as far north as Toronto. But this will require the media to stop spouting this nonsense about global warming.

If this sequence of events is not stopped by a combination of Debt Cancellation and a massive LED indoor Grow campaign, I would expect the following to happen: Nationwide Food Riots after a little more than a doubling of food prices. Then the dollar is no longer accepted overseas as payment which permanently cuts wages and pensions in half. That is when we go to full on Civil War with Americans dying by the tens of millions.

But this need not be. We could arrest the Bankers and seize their assets using those funds to pay for Debt Cancellation. That would cure the worst financial collapse in 500 years within 90 days.

We could prepare for 40 years of Global Cooling by building Climate Battery Greenhouses and using vacant mall space to raise food indoors with LED tech.

Video Rebel’s Blog

3 thoughts on “First. Nationwide Food Riots, Then …

  1. “But this need not be. We could arrest the Bankers and seize their assets using those funds to pay for Debt Cancellation. ”

  2. “Many of those 50 million will be leaving America because they will feel safer in their homeland after the violence erupts here.”


    I’ll tell you what those ILLEGAL INVADERS will be doing… joining the U.S. military to be able to kill American fools like you who think they’re leaving for their home countries.

    You’re clueless about too many aspects of this New World Order agenda.

    You need to do more serious research before attempting to ‘educate’ the rest of us.

    1. I agree, and,VidReb, would you PUH-LEASE stop your “Maunder Minimum-Grand Solar Minimum” prosletyzing? Because this summer has been one of the HOTTEST and DRIEST in far west Texas in the last 35 years (which is about as long as I’ve been out here)…100 degrees in August? so I guess August is the new June or something! This August has seen maybe an inch of rain in my area…we usually get 5-10 inches! Unless you are God or a weather expert, please stop the “solar minimum” stuff—you do realize the drought out here is caused by geoengineering, right? It isn’t lack of sun spots that is making this summer so damned dry! (Note: July thru September is our “rainy season”…not this year!)

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