16 thoughts on “First Precision-Guided Firearm

  1. Great…another over-priced toy for the Zioturd storm troops to deploy. Figures though, the weapon is smarter than the user. Compensating with technology for lack of grey matter is a endless endeavor.

  2. Great for maximizing ammo supplies. No doubt the so-called ‘government’ will ban it for ordinary citizens as an assault weapon.

    Besides, as digger pointed out, it will most likely be outrageously priced.

    Be nice to come up on one laying around on the battlefield, though.

    1. Yep #1, I was on the phone today with some old gun freaks, and they have never heard of this gun. they would love a gun like this though. They said it sounds like only the cops, the elite, or military/govt. will be able to have/afford one………. Yea #1 the battle field would be a great way to obtain one of these beauties – just think, unregistered, no questions asked, and with this gun a guy could realy be a good shot, tehehe. The only thing would be other people finding out that we would have this – by accident though ya know because I wouldn`t want anyone to know I had fire power like this. What a great weapon though, eh.

  3. I surprisingly ran into a guy last week at Walmart in Austin, TX when I was looking at some bullets. He was a hunter in his early 40’s and his father was a marine. He said that a gun shop in Austin, TX will be coming out next month with a tracking technology that guides the gun and does everything for you and described it almost exactly like this guy showed it in his video. If it is the same thing, then the guy told me it will cost about $12,000-20,000 US dollars to purchase and that he was planning on saving up for one and said that it basically would save on the ammo, since it calculates everything for you. What a coincidence how he told me this last week and then a week later this comes out online.

    Also, see here for further info. on the story.


    1. 12 thousand? Or was it 12 hundred?

      !2 thousand+ is a lot more than I suspected.

      You can buy a hell of a lot of ammo for 12,000.

      1. “You can buy a hell of a lot of ammo for 12,000.”

        Well, you have to remember: It’s quality and skill. Not quantity and inexperience. So which would you rather have?

          1. Oh #1, don’t worry about the price range. That’s what bank loans are for. Take out a $12,000 loan and then when the banks comes to collect it, you don’t have to worry because you’ll take every one of them out without breaking a sweat and you’ll be doing a patriotic service for your fellow countrymen. lol

      2. Also, you can bet the government probably already has millions of these guns, paid for by our stolen tax dollars, on order for their future wars. Hell, maybe they already had them for over 5 years now in the military and they are just releasing them to the public. You know how the MIC works.

        1. HA HA and if it is as good of a gun as they say it is, then it only takes one shot, one kill. I`m kind of betting they had this out for a quite of a few years like ya said NC. This phoney govt. has been one of the most phoney and sneaky govt,s around for years and years!

          1. Well if you are going to buy one, better buy two. It sounds like a lot of technology that no doubt contains Chinese manufactured components. Hopefully, two of them won’t malfunction before the war is over and leave you handicapped.

          2. You just might be on to something there Henry. I think alternative weaponry is the way to go though – ya know, have the enemy going/looking over there when they should be looking over here – you know what I`m saying. Good old fashioned American inventiveness ya know – if there is such a thing anymore.

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