First Robot Receptionist Makes Its Way to the States to Work in Local SSI Disability Law Firm

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Japan loves robots. It is not uncommon to see robots taking people’s orders at restaurants, cleaning the streets, or even acting in plays. The idea of robots may seem intriguing to people in the United States, but it has not taken off yet. A local SSI disability attorney plans on changing that.

Charlie Willows has the first ever robot receptionist and potential paralegal in the law industry. The robot, who is scheduled to be installed in November, will be the first of its kind in the country.  

“I have always been fascinated with robots”, explained Charlie Willows. “I was watching a documentary that talked about robot receptionists and I knew I had to have one. I found a company in Japan that would make one for me and it just sort of fell into place from there.”

The robot receptionist will be able to do a number of things that traditional receptionists usually do. The robot receptionist can type, answer phones, and even conduct pre-interviews for potential SSI disability clients. If a receptionist can do it, this robot will be able to do it.

Some people in the law industry have questioned if this will work, but Charlie Willows believes that it will be able to work.

“I see nothing that would prevent it from working”, explained Willows. “I get hundreds of people calling into the office seeing if I can help them. Unfortunately, I am just one person. I think this robot receptionist will be able to screen people and determine who really needs my help and who might be better suited for another attorney.”

Charlie Willows was able to design his robot from scratch. In fact, the robot that will be sitting at the front desk will even look like a regular human. It will be completely surreal to people who do not know that it is a robot.

“I think that it will come as a shock to some people that a robot is the receptionist”, explained Willows. “When I got the robot, even I thought it looked life like. It will be a lot of fun.”

Willows plans on hosting an open house at his law firm where people can come and view the robot receptionist. This open house will also allow people who believe they may have need for an SSI disability attorney to talk with him and see if he can help.

“I am hoping that this receptionist will encourage people to come to my law firm”, explained Willows. “I think people will come out of curiosity for the robot and then see if I can help them. I hope that happens at least.”

11 thoughts on “First Robot Receptionist Makes Its Way to the States to Work in Local SSI Disability Law Firm

  1. I hope people boycott Willows law firm. This is too creapy and anyone that would want one – IMOO – is a creap.

  2. What you’re seeing here is the pubic face of robotics, but trust me on this one; If they can take people’s orders at restaurants, clean the streets, conduct an orchestra, act in plays, and play musical instruments, there are a thousand people at the Pentagon working to make them aim and shoot rifles (actually, they’ve probably already accomplished this too), and you can bet they’ll be shooting at you.

    THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO about this is boycott any business using robots, because this will end the financial incentive to continue improving and marketing them. A boycott won’t stop the Pentagon, but it will stop the private investment in the business, and all of the research and development that comes from it.

    1. Just a thought Jolly R. but do you think that if ya tassed or used a cattle prod on one of them that it would short circut them so they would blow a fuse , just a thought ya know. 🙂

  3. Ok, first of all, who the hell would take orders from a robot besides some idiot sheeple who thinks this is a fun game and fun for the kids? I mean going to a government office is bad enough and seeing workers replaced with robots would make me want to take a bat and beat the thing and then tell the people that I want a human being to wait on me.

    Second of all if you even did destroy one of these things, these days they would probably arrest you for destruction of property and then eventually work their Communist/Fascist way up to making them have the same rights as humans and say that you committed assault and battery on a robot and be put in jail for 5-10 years. I mean this shit is gonna get way out of hand with the current Communists we have controlling our government. You can bet on it.

  4. “Japan loves robots. It is not uncommon to see robots taking people’s orders at restaurants, cleaning the streets, or even acting in plays.”

    It’s also not uncommon to see robots taking people’s orders at restaurants, in the military or even over the phone in the U.S. They are called humans with scripts under the guise of promoting an organized customer service routine. And our soldiers in the military are basically the same way.

    I work for a Fascist company/call center that wants everyone to act like robots and say the exact same wording from a script or we will get bad reviews on our call scores regardless of whether we sold lots of items or showed excellent customer service in our own way.

    They want to use these robots so they can say to everyone in their Fascist/Communist progressive way, “see, we should all try and learn from the robots. They can do things and follow orders without any questions, so why can’t we?”.

    This is where we are headed people. It can be so easy to just end it and have everyone say, “NO!” but, of course no one has the balls to be an individual anymore and feels they have to conform to everything. So sad. So very sad.

    If I see one of those things wait on me, I’ll say, “Sayonara, BITCH!” as should everyone else.

    1. You are right NC, companies want every one to be like trained robots. I darned near killed myself for that last few places I worked for working like a tireless robot.

  5. I’ve visited the Social Security Disability office before, they’ve had robots working there for over 20 years. Whatever question you ask them they respond like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz.

  6. Lol I think the fruit cake has a thing for androids. Saw a creeper on my strange addiction about a guy here in Detroit, has a real doll for a “wife”.

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