12 thoughts on “Five Man Electrical Band – Signs

    1. Can you see his $h!t eatin’ grin goin’? 🙂
      Miss him, and his comments (that’s why I included his original link).

  1. Hey Angel clicked on the original link with Digger. eyes are wet again. Realy miss my friend. Thanks for posting it though. He’s still in my heart. Not the same since he’s been gone.
    Love ya.


  2. What’s really strange guys is I know he is trying. We did have a pact to try and make contact from beyond, whoever went first. We explored dimensions beyond this reality and, if not for his quest, I would never have understood the power of the mind that we typically use about 4% of. I swear I have felt his presence but my rational mind brushes it off as, well, you just miss him and are thinking about him. No visuals or voices or anything, just the feeling that he is near.

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