FL Woman Uses .45 to Shoot and Kill Man Who Was Beating His Girlfriend With a Blunt Weapon

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Vickie Rock, 50, was visiting the home of her boyfriend at the Grand Oaks Apartments in Riverview, FL when she heard screaming as well as glass breaking.

Rock ran to investigate the source of the commotion. She found a man, identified by media reports as Daniel S. Robertson, beating his girlfriend with a metal object.  

Rock, who was carrying a concealed .45 caliber handgun, ordered the man to stop, which he did, but then he turned his attention to Rock.

Rock, then fearing for her safety once the man began attacking her, drew her weapon and opened fire, striking the suspect at least once.

When police arrived they found the suspect, Robertson, dead in the parking lot.

No charges are pending against Rock, who based on media accounts, acted in self defense.

Eyewitness account also confirm the self defense story.

Both women suffered minor  injuries during the altercation.


8 thoughts on “FL Woman Uses .45 to Shoot and Kill Man Who Was Beating His Girlfriend With a Blunt Weapon

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  2. One big reason you stand up for your rights that all your rights or loss them. Self protection comes first and your famillies thats your right by GOD and our fathers..

  3. Now that’s an example as to how we should stand up FOR each other. Don’t wait for the police. They cannot protect you!

    . . .

  4. “When police arrived they found the suspect, Robertson, dead in the parking lot.”

    I like happy endings.

    1. It always sadd to take alife but not wrong when protecting a life ..Remember too use your rights or lose them..

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