Flash mob thieves make off with $30,000 in merchandise from North Face store in Wisconsin

ABC News

A 10-person flash mob made off with up to $30,000 worth of merchandise from a North Face store in Wisconsin this week.

The incident occurred Monday night in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, when the ten men “entered the store with purpose,” Police Chief David Smetana told ABC News. “They were gone from the store within 30 seconds.” 

“They knew exactly which area they were going to approach in the store, which clothing items they wanted,” Smetana said.

The incident was captured on surveillance footage. No injuries were reported and no employees of the outdoor gear store were confronted, police said.

Smetana said investigators were working with other police departments where similar events have occurred.

He added that similar acts have happened in the area before, but “not to this level.”

“They grab as many items as they can, and they leave the store in multiple vehicles,” he said. “If you’re lucky enough to catch one of them, the other ones have gotten away at that point.”


15 thoughts on “Flash mob thieves make off with $30,000 in merchandise from North Face store in Wisconsin

    1. Agreed, James, considering niggers come in all colors, like the multi-colored niggers in Washington DC who have misplaced $22 trillion of the people’s money that they just can’t seem to find.

      1. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/feb/08/usa.iraq1
        They move slower than a flash mob, but then again they are stealing pallets of $100 bills and need a forklift to put them in the plane.

        $22 trillion missing from our treasury and no one is looking for it. You don’t suppose that could be because the ones who stole it are the ones who are making sure no one is looking for it?

        1. from the link you posted…. ‘The memorandum concludes: “Many of the funds appear to have been lost to corruption and waste … thousands of ‘ghost employees’ were receiving pay cheques from Iraqi ministries under the CPA’s control. Some of the funds could have enriched both criminals and insurgents fighting the United States.”

          a ghost flash mob……’thousands’

    1. Yeah, it is kind of weird, must be that part of town, unlike Washington DC where the multi-colored niggers have stolen $22 trillion from we the people and no notice is taken.
      You would think that a story about $22 trillion being taken would make this story seem insignificant in comparison, wouldn’t you?

  1. http://thesestonewalls.com/gordon-macrae/in-the-absence-of-fathers-a-story-of-elephants-and-men/ ……..

    ‘…a quote from a young Daniel Patrick Moynihan written some forty years ago:

    “From the wild Irish slums of the 19th Century Eastern Seaboard to the riot-torn suburbs of Los Angeles, there is one unmistakable lesson in American history: A community that allows a large number of young men to grow up in broken homes, dominated by women, never acquiring any stable relationship to male authority, never acquiring any rational expectations for the future – that community asks for and gets chaos.”

    1. Excellent quote. The country has lost it’s virtue because it’s people have lost it. Ok, not all, there are still many of us left.

      My local newspaper yesterday showed a local 32 yr old guy who’d grown up here convicted of setting or being involved in setting fires to people’s homes in the area. Who does this sh*t? The town’s men should get together and pummel this idiot. Some good old fashion justice coming from the people is desperately needed. It will let other idiots know they best not mess with other peoples property.

      1. The guy you mentioned in the paper, was it revealed why people’s houses were being burned down?
        Stealing is wrong. It is just as wrong when the corporations steal those people’s wealth as it is when these people steal a corporation’s wealth.
        I believe in justice. If the reason the fella was burning down the houses is because he is a pyromaniac, then I would condemn him. But it did say him and some others. I guess what I am trying to say here is, I would like to understand the why of it, hence for what reason did this fella and others burn down some houses, before I condemn him.

  2. How much of this 22 trillion was used to fund ex presidents extravagant life styles?

    I also believe these Sons of Bitches have stolen money to fund explorations and furnishings on Mars, sounds crazy but prove me wrong. MOON as well. Let’s not forget huge underground cities.

    They had this technology 40 years ago.

  3. “They were gone from the store within 30 seconds.”

    Ten thieves bagged $30,000 worth of merchandise in under 30 seconds???

    What this tells me is that that is some SERIOUSLY overpriced merchandise (since it was just CLOTHING).

    Who are the REAL thieves here????? 😯

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