Flashback: Vice President Joe Biden: No improper motive by feds at Waco, the Davidians “committed suicide”

Liberty Fight – by Martin Hill, May 31, 2010

Vice president of the United States Joe Biden, who proudly announced “I am a zionist” before taking office, blamed the Branch Davidians in Texas for the fire that took the lives of 76 men, women and children. In reviewing the excellent 1997 documentary  Waco: The Rules of Engagement last month on the 17th anniversary of the federal government orchestrated  massacre near Waco Texas, the final minutes of the film reveal Congressional testimony from the hearings on Waco in which Biden and a gaggle of other disgusting government apologists pronounce that the government was blameless in the entire ordeal. This despite the fact that the Davidian survivors who were charged with murder of federal agents afterwards were acquitted of all charges. 

Identified on screen  ‘Joseph R. Biden- U.S. Delaware’ , the current Vice President definitively stated “The record of the Waco incident documents mistakes. What the record from Waco does not evidence, however, is any improper motive or intent on the part of law enforcement. David Koresh and the Davidians set fire to themselveves and committed suicide.The government -DID NOT- DO THAT”.

Zionist Joe Biden recently endorsed Freemason Arlen Specter for U.S. Senate, just as George W. Bush did in 2004. Specter was the primary advocate of the “magic bullet theory” spewed by the Warren Commission in the assassination of the nation’s first and last Roman Catholic president, John F. Kennedy. [I highly recommend the The President who told the truth.]

Also shown in the final minutes of the film are Janet Reno, who said “I have absolutely no doubt at all that the cult members set (the fire).” (Makes one wonder which cult Reno is referring to.) The ‘wicked trio’ of former U.S. Attorney Generals John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales and Janet Reno appeared together in Los Angeles last April, just as George W. Bush and Bill Clinton spoke together for an audience on 2/22/10.

Watch the documentary here:

just two days prior to the one year anniversary of the initial (Feb. 28, 1993) raid on the Branch Davidian property, a jury had acquitted all Davidian survivor defendants of murder charges. The jury deliberated only four days to reach a decision after a six week trial. On 2/27/94, the Los Angeles Times reported “11 Waco Cultists Are Acquitted of Murder Charges : Trial: Outcome indicates jurors placed most blame on the government. Seven Branch Davidians are convicted on lesser charges. Anaheim mother agrees with defense”.

Several others whose testimony is shown in the final segment of the documentary include:

Ray Jahn, Assistant U.S. Attorney shilled for the official government version, claiming  “the survivors that came out, their clothes smelled of accelerants… they smelled of lighter fluid; and the labratory later come back and confirmed that they had done it.”

Rick Sherrow, retired ATF arson specialist, testified “I would like to know why key information as to how some of this contamination occurred, was ommitted from the reports… they (the survivors) had to walk through an area that was contaminated by fuel from large tanks spilled by the government tank operations. continued “the thing that really concerns me is why the building was so totally destroyed afterards…the crime scene, and it was a crime scene, was totally absolutely destroyed.”

David Byrnes, Captain of the Texas Rangers was asked if he saw the FBI changing the crime scene and replied that he did, and that their actions were certainly not “standard operating procedure”.

Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah claimed that no political corruption was involved at waco or in the aftermath, and testified “there was no conspiracy to kill Branch Davidians”.

Waco: The Rules of Engagement can be bought at Waco93.com, the film’s official website, and also seen below or on google video. I visited the massacre site and the Branch Davidian memorial in the summer of 2008. Story and video of that visit can be seen here, A visit to Waco, Texas; sixteen years later .

Dick Morris, longtime adviser to former President Bill Clinton, recently revealed that Bill Clinton Personally Orchestrated the 1993 Waco, Texas Tragedy .

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8 thoughts on “Flashback: Vice President Joe Biden: No improper motive by feds at Waco, the Davidians “committed suicide”

  1. Joe Biden is a molesting nut case, this worthless American tax burden gang member can go straight to hell.

  2. “David Koresh and the Davidians set fire to themselveves and committed suicide .The government -DID NOT- DO THAT”.”

    The only thing you can do with something that LIES like a jew is to exterminate it.

    It has ZERO redeeming qualities.

  3. Show me just one goddamn thing this useless piece of sht has ever done to benefit America, just one. Yeah, that’s what I thought. We have paid this freeloading traitor millions, and this is the sht we get in return.

    We just gave this puss filled zit a raise.

  4. What would you expect them to say?

    Even the low-level dirt bags will lie, hoping it will move them up the dirt-bag ladder.

  5. Fu@k you Joe
    You know there were kids you didn’t get to molest in there ,you filthy POS!

    Never Forget

  6. Joe Biden is and always was and will always be a piece of shit. I know this by being a Delawarean for all of but three years and you don’t want anywhere around any of your kids. He defines the term useful idiot. He will do and say anything to advance the socialist, Communist agenda. The only reason Obama picked him as a running mate is that old Joe is to stupid and slow he would not be able to see all of the larceny going on in front of his nose until it was to late. That’s the reason he is the only one not under Congressional investigation from the former regimen.

  7. The FBI continues to murder civilians, activist and whistle blowers using the exact same illegal practices that were exposed in the 1970s in their cointelpro operations. Stalking, harassing, drugging, even the reported rape and murder of individuals nationwide that now refer to themselves as targeted individuals. This large group of victims also claims that they are victims of the same ultrasound weapons that were used on the US diplomats in Cuba.
    With respectable NSA whistleblowers William Binney, Kirk Wiebe and Karen Melton Stewart standing alongside many doctors and scientists this programs existence is hard to deny.
    Dr Nick Begich, brother of Senator Tom Begich and son of late Senator Nick Begich speaks in depth about the technology being used in these assaults.
    The mere knowledge spreading nationwide of the FBI’s illegal actions has done little to stop these crimes. The deaths continue to grow as the information of these crimes as well as the victims themselves are censored on every front.


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