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Flat Tire Interrogation – Extended Video

Published on May 18, 2012

I was ordered to step out of the car for having a flat tire. The conversation escalated and it quickly became an interrogation about my whereabouts and personal business… This is not the Soviet Union…

That said, in the end both Trooper Halfmann and Trooper Fox were very helpful. Trooper Halfmann even put on my spare tire for me after I showed him a business card from where I used to work, and they finally decided to believe that what I was saying was the truth.

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5 Responses to Flat Tire Interrogation – Extended Video

  1. Sunfire says:

    Imperial storm troopers have more tact and charm.

  2. daman * says:

    A prime example of low IQ dumbed down local yokel with a badge who thinks he’s a god…Stalin would be proud of these pieces of trash

  3. Peter says:

    Before the Christmas Day Riots in NYC in 1826 there were no police only Sheriff’s and deputies. A home a hearth, a root cellar, a barn an outhouse a gun and a bible. Most people were church going and good and if not trustworthy well that’s when the gun comes into play.Very small community government with its branches…People -not always – knew each other but lived in the same local area with respect to juries and peers. Today can now be thought through rather than writing it. The Leviathan of the State and
    Federal government making once proud and independent communities now beg for it’s money for support. A sort of extortion to those communities but now everywhere.

  4. Mary in ND says:

    I see no difference between these thugs and the illegals that are here except these thugs may be a bit more dangerous…..a missed opportunity to ‘educate’ these code enforcers on the BoR and how they were violating those rights

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